I really think these things…

Published November 9, 2011 by shadycatlady

Now, i have some really weird thoughts, like all the time, but they seem to present them selves in their most weird form in the middle of the night when i cant sleep. Last night i was wide awake at 4 in morning, when 2 minutes ago i was in a deep sleep, suspicious? i think so.. i might be part of a government experiment. Anyways, these sporadic thoughts crossed my mind last night, feel free to judge me i don’t care.

I wonder if i can have an asthma attack

I don’t even have asthma

I’m pretty sure i could still have an asthma attack

I wonder if i had an asthma attack, like, on the fourth floor of the parking garage if the ambulence would have to fight its way through college parking garage traffic, which at the right time of the day could take 20 minutes, trust me. I sware

i could die if it had to do that.

i wonder if 911 would tell me to walk down the stairs and sit by the road, i could also die if i had to do that.

Maybe they would send one of those stretchers on wheels up there and have the paramedics do sprints up to and them sprint me back down. That really makes the most sense

but what if the paramedics had asthma attacks

no, they wouldnt, they’re trained for things like this

I wonder i could survive on a sub-zero continent

Is a sub-zero continent even real? Do they even call it that?

I dont understand what else they call it.

I’m mostly thinking of Antarctica, maybe i don’t need to say sub-zero, because people know it has sub-zero temperatures.

No, it makes more sense to call it a sub-zero continent

the more i say this the more i think it does not exist.

Is sub-zero even a figure of speech

i think sub-zero was a character on Mortal Combat

Yeah he definitely was, and he could freeze people with his hands.

Wasnt there also a guy with a HUGE chinese hat, like with the pointy top

Maybe he was in Tekken

You cant even say they are the same thing, because as they are equally cool, you can not like both equally

like X-tina and Britney. you always only like one.

The ninetys were like all gangs.

you wanted to punch whoever didnt like the same pop star like the Britney v. Christina and N*SYNC v. Backstreet boys.


And then i eventually fell asleep, but i thought all those things and i really dont know why…..

Now i must continue to search through shady websites for coupons on Jell-o and stuff because i dont want to pay full price even thought jello is probably like 50 cents, i dont care, i want to be that girl that pulls out all those home printed coupons and then you hear everyone behind you go “ugggh” because those coupons never scan and the cashier has to manually enter them. Cant wait.


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