i have the best ideas, im also always right.

Published November 10, 2011 by shadycatlady

My cat loves cheese. shes been eating the macaroni and cheese out of my bowl for like 20 minutes and she totally is not stopping anytime soon.

Today proved to be pretty uneventful for me today, which rocks for me, but if you came here to read of my many daily misfortunes, then it sucks for you.

Except i did get up late for school today, so i obviously didnt change my pants, because yoga pants are the most versatile of pants.

and by versatile i mean, you dont ever have to take them off. EVER.

so i get to school it is freezing, like im crying tears because im so cold, and then they are turning into ice cubes. tiny sad ice cubes.

and im bundled up with all the materials i can find in my car. i didnt have a hat so wrapped my scarf completely around my head and around my neck as many times as i could, and then made that cover my mouth. so i definitely looked like a terrorist, and everyone was looking at me. but i didnt care because i knew it was almost 5 degrees out, and everyone else was so cold and that it is why they were looking at me. HA, jokes on you idiots. good thing you spent 500 dollars on that fancy north face coat and it didnt even come equipped with a hood. So now your losing maximum body heat, plus your wearing jeans so your legs are obviously cold.

I dont wear pants anymore, not since ive discovered yoga pants. If ugg made yoga pants with sheep skin lining on the legs i think i would die, imagine how warm those pants would be. why do i come up with all these good ideas?

wait, i forgot, as i was all bundled up, laughing at everyone for being so stupid with their hoodless coats and jeans in the dead of winter, i look at the weather app on my phone so i can laugh in their faces even further. and it tells me its 46 degrees outside.

and im like no, because 46 is almost 50, and 50 is almost 60. so that cant possible be right, it doesnt even feel 60 degrees outside, so my phones probably just broken or drunk.

and then i went grocery shopping and i clipped coupons all day because ive seen extreme couponing and those people get 78 carts full of food for free. its basically like a modern day super market sweep, except the government does not like it when people get things free, so you have to trick them with 47 separate transactions and 4 of each coupon.

Also my best friend is on her way home from her college right now, probably only to see me, and were gunna get our party on all weekend. except we probably wont because i dont like people…..or pants. Or things were i have to talk to people with real grown up people pants on. so FINGERS CROSSED!

and that is it for my awesomely uneventful day, sorry there was no extreme heat or exploding cat litter this time…….


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