workin’ hard or hardly workin?!

Published November 11, 2011 by shadycatlady

Hardly workin, obviously

Isnt having a job fun?

No, not its not. because i have to have my math homework on another tab incase someone walks by i have to panic and my heart beats really fast and i have to hurry up and get to the math tab. Not that i would get in trouble, because im awesome at my job, but because i dont like people to read these until im done, and i also dont like people reading over my shoulder, pet peeve.

Anyways so since i had the day off school (holla veterans!) i naturally woke up at 8:30. Doesnt it always work this way. So i spend the beginning half of my uneventful day eating lunch with my cat and watching say yes to the dress. We love wedding dresses. And then i start to almost doze off, until i remember i hate naps, and then sit up really fast and watch Zoey 101 because its my favorite show ever. Jamie lynn Spears totally named her baby after me, except my name is Madison and not Maddie, because that name sounds like it was intended for puppies.

Also, pet peeves, right. I hate when people say “like omg i hate when people look better in their pictures than in real life, like clean yourselves up and actually look like an airbrushed goddess like all the time blahblahblah you suck” Excuse me. i dont know about you but if the whole internet is going to see my picture, i wanna look hott and pimple free, obviously. The point of pictures is to look better than you do in real life because well you dont usually see 900 of your friends in real life. Also if i want to not wear makeup or brush my hair and wear yoga pants everyday but look smokin hott in pictures, i will! so back off and dont be jelly that i have photoshop and a photographer mother. PEACE

but i still have more to talk about so, no peace.

Also the old dude at work keeps like trying to sneakily roll back and look at my computer screen, and im like dude i can see you, back the f up, for real your not fooling anyone.

I went with my friends to get parts of their ear pierced, (the tragus, or whatever, and conch) and i did not get anything pierced, but just being in there made me all shaky and sweaty and they kept making fun of me and im like dude dont this stuff freaks me out. keep in mind this was in the lobby while they were filling out paper work, so finally we go back to the room so they can get pierced, and im like i should not be back here, but i make it through the first piercing fine, because i didnt look. But when the second piercing came, she started to get these clamps and pliers out and i feel my whole lunch come up. and im like oooooohhhhh noooo i cant handle that plier stuff where they clamp your skin to get closer to the piercing.  nonono i cant handle the thought her squeezing your tiny ear with clamps and then using the pliers for god knows what, so then i start to feel physically sick, and my friend is like, maybe you should wait in the lobby mostly because i started to get light headed and white spots kept popping up so im pretty sure i was seconds away from fainting so i had to sit in the lobby and look at the tattoo book of wizards and dragons. and when they were done she kept shoving her ear in my face asking me if it was still bleeding and i was like get your bloody ear out of face or it is going to have puke in it. Thanks Sam.

and the new kid keeps trying to shoot me with things out of rubber band slingshot and im like, seriously dont, because you will be one sorry high schooler. after i run you over with your own jeep

After work i get to hang out with my LYLAS BFFS, Jahrdin, Caitlyn, Sam and Eryn! WOOH one hour left.

Until then ill sit with my feet propped up on the heater that they swear i cant use because they’re trying to sell it (haha what a bunch of practical jokesters!!) and read the seventh harry potter book for the millionth time because my heart yearns for it, and i love it.


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