Can’t take my friends anywhere.

Published November 12, 2011 by shadycatlady

Turns out I cant take my friends anywhere.
Also im uploading mobiley, if thats a word, so I dont know what im doing.
But right…applebees last night…… It was a complete disaster, as expected because my friends are crazy.

It started off fine, and by fine I mean we all sat there arguing in front of the waitress because nobody wanted to order first, and then everybody was talking at the same time, poor waitress.

And then the restlessness starts in and everybody feels it, like a type of energy. When it happened. Caitlyn knocked over an entire glass of brisk iced tea. Eryn shot out if the booth like the president got shot while we all just sat there waiting for it to evaporate off the table. Finally sami’s like theres iced tea all over my lap and butt so she starts to clean it up when shes done with one napkin and puts it in caitlyns glass she knocked over, which still had tea in it. That was it.

Caitlyn had no part of that. She then took the napkin out her glass and completley submerged it in samis very full water. Sami then picks up the water and they are battling like dinosaurs over the table with a full water trying to dump it on each other. Que perfect timing. The waitress walks up right in the middle of this heated fight with water sloshing all over the place. And all she can say is, let me get you a towel…. While the mom of the group, jordan, is yelling at everyone to stop and clean up and apologizing to the waitress. Eryn im sure has not returned to the booth yet, and im laughing so hard I could care less.

Everyone finally got their food and we had a nice dinner in a family resturaunt while casually slinging around the words dinga-ling and sex party. Then we decided we should  probably leave because applebees is a nice establishment and we are tainting it with my friends potty mouths and my inability to stop laughing.

We then spent the rest of the night watching say yes to the dress: im a trashy gold digger version and arguing over who had the ugliest faces, as normal friends do.


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