lava lamps and mario kart.

Published November 13, 2011 by shadycatlady

my boss electrocuted himself at work yesterday. Not the serious electrocuted, like the funny little zap electrocuted. basically what happened was we had a lava lamp with the electricity in it that followed your hand when you touched it or whatever those are accctually called and it just shattered into pieces but the electricity ball was still on there and my boss was trying to get those cool purple electricity strands to follow the knife, buuuuuuuut as you’ve guessed, the knife accidentally hit the ball of electricity thus, resulting in him being electrocuted and him making a noise like “EEEEEEE”. it was magical.

Also today was my sister’s (not really my sister) birthday party! She is going to be 19 next sunday, they grow up so fast.

So being a family birthday party, there was some, uh, tiny kids there.

3 words.

Not For Me.

I’ll sit in the same room as your kid, and be fine, but don’t ask me to hold, or especially babysit it.

Your kid will be using the stove, not wearing clothes and saying cuss words while i sit in your living room and eat all your food. I was not at the top of the list for babysitting.

1 mario kart game, 2 controllers, 4 kids -do the math- It was a whole lot of “Why dont i get a turn *cry*”, “i dont like this level *cry*”, “I dont want to be peach *cry*” which is bullcrap because everyone knows peach is the ultimate player, and she always wins. It was just a whiney mess. The twin boys refused to take turns because they have been playing it since 7:30 a.m when they ran downstairs and woke us up because they like to scream when they win, or lose, or fall off the track, plus they talk loud, which obviously was not enough time, so there was a lot of controller snatching and “Give her a turn!!” ‘s up in there.

So kids are NOT at all my favorite thing, sure they’re cute, but then they whine and cry sometimes and talk a lot and stuff and i dont know if i could pay attention.

Unless of course it looked like Mason Disick, that child is beautiful, and i want one just like him with a stylish burberry scarf and sweet hair, and he’s so awesome he probably doesnt even whine and stuff. I love mason, and Kourtney.

I’ve just now realized how uneventful my day was.

So last night, my friend runs over a pink little jack-o-lantern pale like for trick or treating. She even knew it was there, which is why i think karma came around a got her back immediately because it got stuck under her car and was dragging against the road, which sounded horrrrrrrrible, and im laughing so hard because i think its funny and shes trying to look for it but she cant find it so she just keeps driving with it under there while we end the night listening to Lou Bega’s hit “Mambo number 5” (if you’re thinking you dont know that song, you do, youtube it.) followed by Nick Cannon’s (yeah Mr. Mariah Carey) hit single “Gigolo”. Just a little food for thought. So put those tunes on your ipod and get down with the get down, you cant help but dance when they’re on.


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