Guess what, northern ohio sucks.

Published November 14, 2011 by shadycatlady

Today just was NOT good day from the start

Want to know when i knew?

when i had to get up at 8 to get ready to leave at 9 for my 10 o’clock class, to get there and have it end in 13 minutes. I could have slept an extra hour……… I knew right then and there that today, was not for me

So i decide to kill time in the bookstore. Im pretty sure the workers thought i was stealing things. I had my bookbag on and my coat and sweatshirt and a purse. so i was walking around, browsing and then i start to get all hott and sweaty again, which probably didnt help my case with the evil bookstore workers, so i left. but my class didnt start for a half hour, so i took off my coat and went back.

that probably looked even more suspicious, I AM NOT A THEIF PEOPLE. im just really really hott apparently, and bored..

So i get to math and the class before ours is still in there and my classmates are waiting in the hallway, and this old lady in my class walks up and is like Are they still in there, and were all like Yep… (why else would we all be standing in the wet hallway when we could be sitting down in dry (hopefully), cushioned seats… So we all are standing there, and this old lady keeps opening the door and peeking in to see if the class is still in there. Lady we would not lie to you about this, it isnt some big practical joke where we all stand in the hallway to trick you, and there is only ONE exit, you dont have to keep checking,  i guarantee you will see a class 100 people leaving…

If that isnt bad enough, i have to stand next to this girl who is trying to sell people her rims and her tattoo gun……………seriously, i swear.

You would think the regular (….for now) rain was the equivalent to acid rain at college, because when it rains NOBODY comes to class. literally half my class was absent. like “op, its raining i better not go to school today, i might melt and die.

Then i sit down and start to get all hott again, so i look like a lunatic rotating like, sweatshirt off coat on, coat off sweatshirt on, both off t-shirt on, Sweatshirt off coat on one sleeve. it was horrible and then i got to go home after math, which is a relief because i running out of combinations to get my temperature right…

My day steadily declined from this point on.

i went to have lunch with my mom, already not feeling good, i really wanted soup, but subway didnt have chicken noodle soup, so i was like whatever ill just have the greasy delicious looking pizza. Bad idea. Ulcers and greasy (good) food just do not mix.

I immediately feel like im going to vomit. this is not good

I try to wait it out to drive home but it just keeps getting worse so i slap on my cat ear muffs and brave the horrible ride home. I finally make it home alive, but not without tears and mustache sweat, nervous that im going to get pulled over for slightly speeding and then throw up on a cops shoes.

I lay down and try to nap, obviously impossible because thats just to easy, i must stay awake and feel like im going to puke, but actually not be able to puke. it was pure H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS.

then i had to work… at 5… during the north western hurricane of 2011. I dont know if you know this or not, but thunder storms and me do NOT get along. i automatically assume since there is a thunder storm there will be a tornado and I will, obviously, die. So i’m mid freak out when 4:00 o’clock rolls around, its still raining at 4:45 so i make my mother drive me to work, because will obviously crash and die from driving in the mind state i am currently in. she was not happy, she thinks im a baby.

So i get to work, forget my glasses, and cant see. everyones making fun of me and im like im not in the mood to be made fun of, so naturally they mess with me even more. Im so worked up that i dont even move and i just let it happen.

Next thing i know everyone is making fun of me, for reasons of which i do not know, because i havent really even said anything to anyone today let alone give anyone an excuse to make fun of me, so i want to cry at work, but i dont because im a big girl (like Fergie Ferg). and then they start like messing with me, messing with me, like taking my cute little pink key cover off my mac and messing with it and stuffing crap in my dirty hair. so i hate everyone at work and now my mom has to pick me because id rather stab my eyes out with hott knives than ride home with one of these people. But they are all like toddlers and have been distracted with putting up christmas decorations and have left me alone for 2 hours. So theres the highlight of my day.

TODAY SUCKS, i want college to be cancelled tomorrow

there is also still christmas decorations in my hair, and im keeping them in there and taking them home to decorate my house. jokes on you


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