constitution, jean skirt, and dvr DISASTER.

Published November 15, 2011 by shadycatlady

School sucks. So i want to be a lawyer because in my mind they’re just the coolest of people, ever. and i figured it would be just lke elle woods in legally blonde.

It is not like that. I’m not buying a fabulous Mac Book and helping nerds find dates and getting questions right in class while impressing all kinds of dudes and getting special internships, but im sure i will in time, if Elle Woods can do it, so can i!

I mean, i am adorable and blonde. BUT its just not that easy.

Now i didnt expect it to be a breeze, but my law class usually consists of me sitting there having no idea what this dude is talking about so i just play games on my phone, because really, there are just somethings ill never understand.

Now this dude in my class, puts gel in his hair and gets a venti something from starbucks with THREE shots of espresso and is just so serious all the time. He loves class. want to know how i know he seriously loves class?

He carries around a pocketbook edition of THEE United States constitution. For real, i cant make this up. When i seen i poking out of his messenger bag, i wanted to die. Why cant i be that serious about everything, that i actually have an on hand copy of the u.s constitution. I’m sure that will be his down fall somehow, because thats just not normal. for real

Today i seen something i swore to myself i never wanted to see again as long as my eyes could see. That, my friends, is a full length jean skirt. It casually breezed past me this afternoon, and i was like ooooooh nooooooo. And i tried to look away as swiftly as possible. I just dont get the reasoning behind full length jean skirts. Id your last name is NOT Dugger, you have NO business being in a full length jean skirt. REAL TALK. The Duggers can do whatever they want because there is about to be like 22 of them, so they have free reign over they’re fashion choices.

also, that statement also goes along with mini jean skirts, if your over the age of seventh grade, retire your too short scandalous 80 dollar Abercrombie and Fitch mini. It is all bad after that.

Now for my daily disaster. My dvr has failed me. i go to watch glee (I know you’re all thinking OMG IT DIDNT TAPE IT ID RATHER DIE!!!) but it did tape it……….but it was in NON-HD.

I was alll OH MY GLEE!

and it was all, no madison dont over react its fine

atleast i think thats what it said i was to busy crying to hear it

How in the world am i supposed to properly see Darren Criss’s handsomely chiseled features if it is NOT in HD. Darren Criss is to beautiful to waste in non HD where is face is practically blurry, it was tragic.  BUT i watched it. i know im a week late, i was busy, plus now the new one is on tonight so i dont have to wait.

I love glee. I think im, like, a gleek.

The one thing i thought i’d never be. and ive never been more proud…… I just immediately fell in love with it, and even more when they added hott people like BLAINE! and puck.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love glee. i hope my BFF doesnt read this, she hates that i love glee and is staging an intervention.

But as much as i love glee my heart will forever lay with Harry Potter, i honestly am a Harry Potter genius. i know and love everything harry potter. okay probably not everything because sometimes im to busy drooling over Ron Weasley, and Fred and George. mmmmmmm again.

Im drooling, talking about to many of my dream husbands. must stop

Lets talk about how Twilight wants to be Harry Potter. It will never be as cool, and the fact that THEY split their last movie in to two parts makes me want to throw up. I’ve read that last book and there is NOT two movies worth of information. Now i have to sit through 2 anti-climatic movies, but edward loves bella and that makes me happy. But i mean, it will never be cooler, or even close to the legacy of Harry Potter. Plus stephanie meyer totally ripped off the names ‘Black’ and ‘Clearwater’.

Okay maybe not Black, its kind of common, but CLEARWATER?!? yep definitely stolen. Penelope is the the clearwater in my heart.

Plus bella is kind of awkward.

but i love charlie, hes funny, the only reason i watch it i think.




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