school sucks, you look like you’re 67, and my teacher is dumb.

Published November 17, 2011 by shadycatlady

I hate going to school in the winter. Whose idea was it to make 14 hundred seperate buildings and make people walk between them when its absolutely freezing outside? I am not a fan of this college thing at all.

Especially because my teacher is super dumb. EVERYDAY, i kid you not, he walks in and flickers the lights until they all come on and then proceeds to say its always the last one isnt it? Like um no. You need to make the switches all in the same direction. its not a trick. flip all the switches up, and if they’re already up, you dont need to flip them down, you’re just going to turn the lights off. I hope you’re reading this

I also worked super super hard on a paper for his class and im thinkin to myself like yeah im gunna get this back and its gunna be like at the least a 95 because i slaved over it and i know its really good. So obviously i got a 70.

a 70? really? why dont you just punch me in the face?

I wish college was like Zoey-101. Its always sunny and hott there and they’re never in class and always doing productive things to help the school. And everyone loves Zoey and then she won a jet-X. I just wish Zoey and Logan would have fell in love. I also wish Jamie-lynn didnt have a baby so i could still be watching it.

Also Lisa D’amato or whatever on Americas Next Top Model ALL STARS! needs to leave. she is just like a trashy trailer park wife. She looks like shes 67 years old, im assuming from the alcohol and tanning. All she does is jump around and be loud and annoying and wear super trashy clothes and be annoying, did i already say that. i dont care, because she is annoying. I hate her.

On a brighter note i want someone to take to me to see Rocky Horror Picure Show, live, because i just havent been getting my daily dose of tranny musicals like i want. I want to be in a dirty theater with stuff being thrown everywhere and then i want to do the Time Warp, because its just a jump to the left…..

Also, another pet peeve, when people listen to TV shows on their phone, out loud.

why, why would you ever do that. Just because you want to watch your crazy asian anime cartoon bull crap, does NOT mean i want to listen to it okay? so just shut it down or get some headphones. Seriously.

A girl in least favorite class, my little math group, has the longest nails EVER and she was tapping away on her touch screen this morning, like why dont you get nails that are functional. its obviously hard to use your phone, and probably write, and do other everyday normal things, they are not helping you and they are DEFINITELY annoying me.

are you asking why that is my least favorite class? Because we have this grad student teacher Kevin, bless his soul, who is so nice but speaks in what i think HE thinks is english, but is really some hybrid language between english and wherever he is from, and i just cant understand one word of it, for real. Were like slow down kevin, so then he speaks in the hybrid language, but even slower, and were like yep we got it Kevin, but in our heads i know were all like Wtf did anyone else understand any of that, because i didnt, at all. On the plus side there is a guy in that class with what i think is an Irish accent i dunno but it sounds beautiful. i love it he talks and he hates kevins language so he yells about that and about the worksheets, its awesome. Thank you mystery irish guy.


a half permed hair-do. Like the top part of this girls hair was alllllll curly like an afro, and the bottom half was stick straight. And i was like OHHH NOO. maybe she forgot to straighten the top part? i really want to give this girl the benefit of the doubt but like, i’m pretty sure she did that on purpose. and then i threw up it was so ugly.

And my mom doesnt think i have malaria so shes taking matters into her own hands and is going to find out. But its probably Malaria.

and when i went to get a salad, everyone who works in that place is cross-eyed i swear. I can never tell who they’re talking to when they ask what i want on my salad, and when i tell them, they just look at me for a second like they didnt understand what i said, but i know they did, so i dont know why they think im stupid. so forget you stupid salad people. But the salads are good, so ill continue to get one. You win this time….



2 comments on “school sucks, you look like you’re 67, and my teacher is dumb.

  • just wanted to say if you want to get a good grade on a paper…. Think that you did a horrible job and you will get an A.. think you did a fantastic job… you will get a C ….I swear it happens every time..

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