the haunting of my room. and my great morning

Published November 18, 2011 by shadycatlady

Okay it wasnt much a haunting as i think my fan was blowing around my britney spears circus edition blazer, but it was still freaky looking, watching it sway around, so i called my mother form the other room and made her come in and take it down so i could sleep.

Days where i have to wake up early, nothing really ever works out.

Its become to cold outside and in my house that i have now started my winter morning ritual. As soon as my clothes are dry i  dump all over my bed, and in the morning instead of getting up and looking for an outfit, while being cold, i just lay in my warm heated blanket bed and pick out an outfit and then get dressed in bed.

I also decided that im such a good student so i should treat myself to Tim Hortons before class today, so i go, expecting in my heart something like peppermint mocha from starbucks because they’re delicious. No peppermint mocha ANYTHING. great, i already had it in my mind, anything is just going to taste like hott oil. But i got a doughnut and hot chocolate. Not as good as peppermint mocha, but not as bad as hot oil.

and then im driving as the sun is just extra super frickin bright today and its blinding my side vision. So im freakin out because its just so bright and i dont have sunglasses, because i have regular glasses, and, why tease myself with adorable sunglasses if i cant wear them? So it’s about around here when a motorcycle with the brightest headlight ever is behind me and like, why does he have his cyclops headlight on, its so bright outside, so now i cant look behind me, so im probably going to get into an accident and die. great.

But i dont die, i live.

But as im on the express way, my little light thats on that says low tire pressure.

oh no.

last time this was on, i popped my tire and it cost me two hundred dollars. well my mom two hundred dollars.

so im freaking out, like my tire cant be popped i didnt even feel anything happen, maybe the tire pressure is just low? i dont know what are the odds. i dont know what the odds are because i dont know anything about cars, like at all. so im driving like 50, making a ton of people mad. If my tires going to pop im not going to be driving like a speed demon and have it fly off like a weapon and then crash my car. Not gunna happen, sorry people. and then the low fuel light comes on, not really a surprise because i never have gas, but now i have these messages on my little mile thingy and its just stressing me out even more. so im trying my hardest to get to school without dying.

guess what. spoiler alert! I make it

So i park, and i know how to check for a flat tire, because its the flat one. but low tire pressure? no idea. So i probably look like a maniac slowly walking around my car twice, and casually kicking each tire every time i pass it. When i kicked them my feet didnt sink into any tires, so i think its safe to drive home……..

wish me luck.


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