cat scratch fever. a short blog of my thoughtless mind.

Published November 27, 2011 by shadycatlady

My cat only has back claws, because “the back claws arnt really dangerous”

Tell that to scratch that goes from the corner of my eyeball to the corner of my mouth that i received in the middle of the night.

its like my cat was a race car and was revving up and taking off of my face.

i woke up in the morning, looked her right in the cat face, and said “I hate you.”

and then i fed her delicious kibble because shes so adorable.

Plus i had to work where i received jokes like, i hope you dont get cat scratch fever, and “did ya get in a cat fight”. Oh dear lord

I cry when i watch the last harry potter, im trying to prolong watching it with my family because my father will laugh right in my face. And i am no state to be laughed at because harry potter is all i care about in the world. Incase you missed the softball story ( ) my father laughs at things that are border line traumatic for me. So i can only imagine how the situation would play out. Now that i think of it i still havent watched part one with them, which where i also cry.

that must also be prolonged.

I go back to school tomorrow from thanksgiving break. I have field work that needs to be done. i have math homework that needs to be done. im not ready for reality. i just want to continue to sit in my room and watch gossip girl and drool over chuck bass and how awesome he is.

Tonight i FINALLY see twilight. Ive waited weeks and begged people who arnt even my friends to see it.

my best friend who already seen it is going to take me to see it, she is such a trooper.

*que the musical tune “people let me tell ya bout my best friend fraaaand”*

except once she went to fake punch me in the nose and ACTUALLY punched me in the nose

All is not forgiven.

It is time to go see hot werewolves in jorts and no shirts.




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