drunk wigs, bill cosby sweaters and the gruesome trio

Published November 30, 2011 by shadycatlady

This guy in my math class would say something to day, and then immediately laugh, like he was the dane cook of my math classroom.  He was talking about the accident in the parking garage and he said something like “Yeah and they haaaaad to call the police” and then  he would laugh suuuper hard like HAHAHAH but it was mostly air, so it was like he was weezing. This went on for like 5 minutes.

Also the attention seeking math girl did not have a math boyfriend today, which i could see visibly upset her because shes obviously the hottest and coolest person in the glalaxy, why isnt a dude sitting with her? so she texted on her phone the whole time, or maybe nobody wanted to text her so she pretended to text. I dont know, i dont know her life story.

I do this awesome thing where i try to talk myself out doing important things. I had to go to my professors office today to get help with my paper. but i didnt know exactly where it was so i was a little nervous and im all I dont really need to go i could probably figure it out because its just going to be a big hassle trying to find it and then i wont know what to say when i do find it. even if i find it. i probably wont find it. ill just sit here. I dont need that good of a grade i guess.

This old lady, named Esther, used to come into my mothers store.

She was not your average old lady. This is the type of old lady thats drunk at 8 a.m.

She also always wore Jet Black wigs, because she had super grey hair. Except she was so drunk that the wig was on backwards, so she had bieber bangs and then it was super short in the back.

She didnt even care. she came in and asked for her smokes and went to her van and got in the passenger side of the van, but didnt shut the door all the way and then the wind blew it open and it almost flew off and next time we seen Esther’s van the passenger door was attatched by a bungee cord.

She also had a crush on a guy who worked there. So she showed her love in the only way she could.

She bought him a Bill Cosby sweater from the goodwill.

It smelled of cigarettes and was dowsed in cat hair.

I also was in the presence of the oddest trio of friends.

Just your typical 3 piece friend set equipped with a girl with super long cotton candy pink wig on, the fat boy, and the boy with a crustache (a very thin, creeper like mustache)

They talked of pokemon the whole time, while simultaneously playing in on their nintendo DS and watching the movie on their laptop.

And apparently the pink haired girl’s sister is a whore. But she also is not Asian enough (whatever that means)

so the chubby one asks Isn’t there like makeup to make you look asian? No. things like that just do not exist. If you dont have slanted eyes, makeup will not magically slanted eyes and a great sense of style.

The chubby one was ill informed on the rules of asian-anity.

The one with the crustache threw his stuff all over the hallway and was sitting on the floor.

and the pink haired girl had all her stuff on the chair and proceeded to sit on table.

I did not approach them, yet, i observed from afar. like they were some alien race i’d never encountered before.

Also my neighbors just got a new ford fusion.

Which is not okay because i just got a new fusion. They’re obviously copying me.


we cant have the same car, we’d look like fools. omg


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