im the worlds best babysitter

Published December 11, 2011 by shadycatlady

I’ve been busy babysitting baby toddler twins all weekend, but  I’ll get to that later. Right now we can talk about how much i hate my little math class

Thursday was the last day i ever had to go to that class.

*angles singing*

So we had to do evaluations and my very foreign teacher kevin needed someone to turn them in, and this girl volunteered.

But i think she thought it meant that she was in charge and the president of course evaluations. She was walking around and asking people if they got an evaluation sheet, and collecting them when we were done. It was like when you were in kindergarten and the teacher didn’t feel like doing anything, like cleaning the tables, so she asked the kids to do it and they were like peeing their pants with excitement hoping to get picked to clean the tables.

It made me want to hit her.

Some people freak out when their cars get close to being empty on gas.

i am not one of those people.

I have my gas gauge down to a science. I hate buying gas so i just never do. I go as long as i possibly can without getting gas. Which did cause me to run out of gas two times, but its a risk im willing to take really, because i hate spending money on things i can’t like, wear, and stuff.

I’m sure its a real disease.

I got more hits from someone googling “mario kart lamp” again. So i googles mario kart lamp and my blog is the sixth option. prettty cool. I guess there is not a large market for mario kart lamps if I’m the sixth option.

Those guys in my film class who decide to watch the movies on youtube and stuff were at class on friday and they were talking about how they watched the movie at home that we watched in class last friday, which was on the waterfront. and before we were about to take the quiz the kid was talking about how it was actually a good movie and stuff and i think maybe he didnt watch the right one because the one i watched it class was just horrible and boring. But those kids also look like they carry hemp book bags, watch weed wars, and protest for the legalization of marijuana……. so i try to ignore them.

I’m probably worlds best babysitter.

Me and my friend babysat her twin boy cousins alllll weekend, like overnight and stuff. and were just a couple of fun people so im sure we could entertain some toddlers. It was chaotic, incase you didnt know, kids dont listen.

All they want to do is play mario on the wii and eat candy.

So thats what we did, we fed them gummy bears, 2 candy bars, some donuts and let them wii box each other before bed.

Then there was bath time. which involved not wanting to get in, splashing, eating the bath toys, pushing the bucket that held the toys into each other crotches, crying, and not wanting to get out.

utter chaos.

then its bed time, and you can tell its bedtime because they start to throw fits and argue with other in their little twin language.

then they dont want to go to bed so they trick you for like a half hour doing other stuff in their room besides getting them in their beds.

I’m so good with children

just kidding im really not.

But now im sitting in my own bed watching harry potter and being exausted and its only 11:30. A parents life is no life for me.

Now i get to go back to the life of a college student, because its finals weeeeeeeek. yay tests over stuff i dont remember.


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