haha i cant help but just laugh at my unforgiving life

Published December 15, 2011 by shadycatlady

I have been M.I.A and for a reason this time.

The wrath of finals week.

I am a procrastinator. its just what i do, and no matter how many times i tell myself i wont do it again, i always do.

So i find myself writing 5 papers last night because i decided to put them ALL off.

1 self evaluation, three essays all having to be three pages, and a 3-5 page paper on a book.

ha ha, excuse me while i laugh out loud to myself in retrospect.

i decided to start on my three separate pages first. I already did the reading and just needed to reflect on it. No big deal.

Well it was not easy obviously because then it wouldnt be my life.

I started those papers at around 5 oclock…………. I got finished at 10.


What was i thinking.

So i take a break a decide to start on the book summary thing or whatever.

Horrid. Hell takes form of macbook pages at this point of the story.

Im on word 799, i remember it vividly, and i go to right click on a word because its spelled wrong. and in place of word corrections, is just a white box.

I can feel myself getting dizzy, and starting to panic

Im probably profusely sweating at this point, but i couldnt notice because i was to busy trying to not die.

and then it happened. pages closed.

closed. gone. forever.

Macs cost like thousands of dollars, you THINK they would have some type of autosave something or anything!!


so its 2:00 a.m and im sitting in my mothers bed dry heaving and crying because im obviously going to fail this class, resulting in losing my scholarship, and then ill have to find somewhere else to live because i am NOT paying for my own schooling, thats ridiculous.

So i pick myself up and re-write this entire paper and i finish at like 3:00 oclock AM. people, A.M. I need an ample amount of sleep or i turn into a completely different person where i insult your outfit and hair and then spit in your face.

So i sleep and dream about losing my scholarship and i wake up at ten oclock all refreshed and what not and then i have to work on this evaluation. which was easy because i just wrote about how awesome i am and how i deserve an A.

I go to print all this stuff out and i get to my final 3 paged paper and i go to open it and print it and it says it cannot be opened.

HA HA im just laughing out loud at myself because why wouldnt this happen?

I finally get it to open on some shady text edit thing or whatever and get everything printed off

now im enjoying real food for the first time in forever because ive been so busy so im sure i have ketchup all over my shirt and chicken nugget crumbs in my non existent cleavage.

Now im watching gossip girl and studying so i can go take this film exam and turn in all those papers.

they better make it there unscathed


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