The dreaded work secret santa……

Published December 18, 2011 by shadycatlady

How in the world do i shop for christmas presents??


I dont.

if you know me you know i never have any money, and if you dont know me, now you know i never have any money.

So present buying is usuuuually out of the question

the exception?

my works secret santa that isnt really a secret because everyone tells everyone.

In order to get a gift, you have to give one.

The know me all to well, i love gifts

I pulled my bosses name

your average 35 year old male who loves football and other male like stuff i guess.

And im all crap what do i do? what to men even like? its like, a 10-20 dollar limit. maybe he wants like some hammers or wrenches or like used fitness equipment.

then i remembered my rule for shopping

“Get people things that you would want to get”

ding ding ding ding we have a WINNER!

If they end up liking it they’re gunna be all oh my gosh madison thank you for introducing me to something so cool and awesome you’re the best!!!!

And if they dont, they might let you keep it, or they will be able to re-gift it, thus saving them time and money

I thought long and hard about this gift. It must be perfect

I have a rep to protect as best employee.

It dawned on me at 5 a.m, so when i actualllly decided to get out of bed i raced to kmart at nine, picked up this SUPER AWESOME GIFT and made it to work by 9:30

He received………..

Justin Bieber, under the mistletoe CD.

Aint nothin like a hott dude that makes you feel like a boarder line pedophile!

I think he is going to re gift this one……..


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