Cults and oil changes.

Published December 22, 2011 by shadycatlady

Pinterest is a cult.

You dont just get to sign up and look through a bunch of stuff you cant afford and pin it to boards that are called “my dream home ill never be able to afford” and “my fashion (that i wish i had and could afford)”. You get to sign up to request an invitation

you have to be invited to this website. what is America coming to?

Well it took me two freakin weeks but i finally got my invitation.

I dont know if they conducted background checks or got blood samples from my doctor or whatever but they decided i was worthy to grace their website.


i can not stop pinning things to these boards i have and it is just so totally awesome.

I have stuff like a waterfall shower and a counter with a hole in it that goes to the garbage so i can just throw all my garbage in there. and then i have wedding dresses and cakes and stuff, its just all awesome.

I urge you all to join, except you wont have to wait because if you give me your email i can send you an invitation immediately!! Do not hesitate im on here all day every day!!

Facebook again….

I hate when people post completely stupid things

Someone once posted

“awww i want a love like 500 days of summer”

…Summer never tells Tom she loves him and then she marries someone else.

Why would you ever want your life to turn out that way?

She obviously did not watch the whole movie, or was super drunk and made up the ending of the movie.

And things like

“omg this show is so funny, its the same sense of humor i have that nobody understands”

Umm…. im pretty sure a ton of people understand your sense of humor, because that television show is on national TV..

I also hate when people freak out about the your/you’re mix ups.

some people freak out like

omg you used the wrong form of ‘your’ you are sooooo stupid and stupid

I obviously have better things to do than make absolute sure i used the correct form of ‘your’, like focusing on not throwing up and falling asleep at my keyboard.

Nothing stresses me out more than going to the car fixer place.

for one reason

i have to drive on those little thingys, and it has to be perfect or else my car will fall through the bottom of floor and crush all the oil changer people.

I had to do this today.

After i waited 35 minutes to actually get to that part i sat outside blasting glee so i could get all pumped and lip synch like the lip synching god i am, and then it became my turn.

I turned down Brittany S. Pierce’s version of who run the world and braced myself for the worst.

My hands are sweating so much i dont even think i could turn the wheel if they wanted to, and i have the dumbest look of extreme fear on my face. Atleast thats how i imagined it in my ford fusion, whether or not it actually looked like that form the outside, im not sure.

But then i had to clear the little bump thing and i always imagine my pressing the gas to hard and flying through their garage door, but thankfully that didnt happen………….this time.



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