This is probably going to come out all weird because im tired

Published December 23, 2011 by shadycatlady

Im very tired, i apologize now for sentences that dont make any sense and words spelled wrong and stories being told out of chronological order.

You have been warned.

I have to work at 8:30 in the morning. on Christmas eve.

Why? who wants to by moderately priced appliances at nine in the frickin morning.

morons. thats who.

So i politely told my boss that there was no way in hell i was going to be able to come to work at 8:30 because that was an ungodly hour and its still all cold and frosty out and i hate being cold, especially in the mornings because its against my religion where we cant ever be cold or get up early.

So he said to just come in at 8:45.

score one for ya girl over here

Being an only child is like being an heiress i figured out today.

The reputation of the family lies in your hands, and your hands alone. Thus resulting in the future of your family in your hands, just like the future of the company lies in the heiress’s hands.

You get a ton of shit because well, your the only one, and if your an heiress you probably use dollar bills as fertilizer because your so rich.

you do not, EVER, have to share. No matter what any ever says because well you weren’t trained for that barbaric shit.

And other multiple reasons, so i’ll just refer to myself as an heiress from now on.

My friend today just sent me the most awesome christmas card.

It is just the perfect mix of seriousness and cheesyness that makes it so so right.

You all know.

Im in love with it. It features great pictures of her and her boyfriend and a fabulous dog with antlers.

She also wrote a note explaining how she hopes i get a cat for christmas because im a crazy cat lady, and i appreciate her wishes, so maybe if we all wish hard enough and you all waster your 11:11 wishes on me, ill wake up with a kitten under my tree.

What a great lookin group. Myself included.

Thanks anissa, you’re my Dog.

I hate when people title their facebook albums their first name and middle name.

If im friends with you on facebook, im sure i already know your name.

You dont need to put all your pixelated dirty mirror pics into an album displaying your name.

It is the equivalent of talking in third-person. which makes it okay to kick you in the face.

Maybe its first person, you guys get it anyways, i wouldnt really know because my foreign english teacher gave me an F once.

the irony.

Incase i dont have time to blog before or on christmas due to my extreme popularity and everyone wanting to see me


p.s i just made my computer learn the spelling ‘ beeyoches ‘


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