My cat is the devil, and thats why this is so short.

Published December 26, 2011 by shadycatlady

I had a serious unfortunate chain of events this morning.

I had chapped lips. They’re always chapped by the way.

so im laying down in my moms room looking for chapstick and my mom finds some and i get all excited and dont exactly know how anything after this happened, but she elbowed me in the back of the head while opening it and my head falls RIGHT onto the open chapstick and chunk breaks off IN MY HAIR,

So I’ve walked around all day with a chunk of sticky hair. I noticed it at the buckle, which probably like the Barneys of my town, where all the bitchy girls and their cougar moms pay for 700 dollar jeans and then go get their tan on and get highlights so that they look super fabulous because they’re from hollywood and brad pitt is like their cousins moms 2nd cousin twice removed, so they’re better than you.

I also do not eat a super good christmas dinner because i am not super fond of meat. Especially when its all red and bleeding and it makes me vomit in my mouth when i look at it. And then there is like these fatty pieces that look like voldemorts re-birth and that also makes me vomit in my mouth so i had plain butter noodles.

Im watching Kourtney and Kim take New York and i love kortney and Scott

Scott is such a classy dude, plus he is mean which means he is perfect.

Except kourtney is all mad at him because she found lesbo porn in his computer history and hes mad at her for being mad about it and it is just an awesome fight. Let Scott watch some porno Kourt!

Plus Kim is fighting with Chris because she wants to have babies and raise them in LA and chris wants to live in Minnesota because it is great and exciting and just a super awesome place where everyone wants to live.

But we ALLLL know that doesnt work out anyone so im not really stressin over it.

Scott also went to the Today show with Kris to support her, so thats just super adorable. because he is just super awesome. i love him

My devil cat is trying to eat the napkin that is covering my pizza so she can eat my pizza so i really just have to go like right now or else ill have no lunch


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