Kardashian Kfever. ktuxedos.

Published December 28, 2011 by shadycatlady

My cat has been begging me to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians on netflix, so i finally caved and said yes and that is what we did yesterday. And let me tell you something about keeping up with the kardashians…..


my devil cat was right.

It was non-stop Kardashian fever all day yesterday.

That is the most entertaining group of sisters/ family ever.

All they do is get into little fist fights and call each other whores.

It really makes me want a group of sisters. Imagine the things we could do.

We could open up a little boutique shop and set each other up on blind dates and wrestle and love each other and call each other bad names and buy chickens and go clubbing with our mom and get wasted all the time and it would be the definition of awesome.

On one of the first episodes Kourtney and Kris jenner went to go taste wine for Kris’s anniversary party. Sound boring?

well your wrong.

They ended up tasting, like, 7 different shots of tequila  and ended up going back to the party all late and wasted and say that they’re there to fix the party or something else that doesnt make sense.

And then They get Kris and Bruce Jenner a stripper pole for their anniversary because Kris and Bruce get into all types of sex-capades and their little sisters Kendall and Kylie are swinging around on it and then Bruce gets all mad because Bruce is always mad because he just your typical dad, and nobody tells Bruce anything.

And then Khloe got Kris a sexy cheerleader outfit that said TRASHY on the back.

This is honestly the most fun ive had in a while, and i dont know if thats sad or not. I can’t stop watching.

OH! and they’re actually, like, really nice people. They’re nice to everyone and they gave a homeless man a shower and katrina victims some furniture. What a group of saint like bitches

And they’re always talking about boning and sex all the time, even Kris and Bruce. Good for you Kardashian/Jenner’s

Plus i get to see the old Scott Disick, who is a little less dapper, but still fabulous.

And Kourtney said she was going to shove a taco up someone’s ass.

I could talk about this for HOURS, so ill stop now, but i urge everyone to watch it.

In other news, my like 12 or 13 year old cousin asked for a full tuxedo for christmas


to impress some ladies.

This kid has got the absolute right idea.

What better way to impress a group of chicks than wear a full on tuxedo to your middle school?!?

Nothin gets me goin like a fackin tuxedo, so i know this is a fool proof plan. But unfortunately he did not get one so if someone could PLEASE help me find a tuxedo for a 13 year old i would be forever grateful.

But i have to go because Khloe is going to jail, and i need to see Kris jenner work her teenage looks to get her out.

But first they’re curling her hair and going to ihop and Kim is getting yelled at for taking to many pictures of herself on the way to drop Khloe off at jail.


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