if you want something done right..

Published January 5, 2012 by shadycatlady

If you want something done right, or at all, you have to do it yourself.

Just kidding you ask your mom for a smoothie and after she says in a minute because shes ‘busy’ simply state that you’ll do it yourself, in which she will quickly oblige to do it because i am obviously incompetent and CANNOT run her robot blender. because i will break it because i am actually VERY accident prone, shocking i know.

Jersey shore has given bronzer a bad name. I’ve never thought of bronzer as a weapon of evil but it has been brought to my attention that it now has a bad rep on the streets.

I have taken it upon myself to get everyone to bronzers side.

i DO NOT go outside, i just dont like it, there is bugs and grody stuff like that. EWEY.

sooooo in order to make myself look like i am still alive, i add a touch of bronzer, you dont have to use bronzer to make yourself 18 shades darker.

let me gather up examples

good. look at the subtle hint of bronzer. plus i think she goes outside, so some maybe actual tan. 
Bad. im sure non of that is tan, and ALL walmart bronzer and some 90’s lipsmacker chapstick. BAD
I hope i have gotten you on my side……. Stephen this is for YOU.
I think i had more to talk about it….. but i forget because i was all wrapped up in my bronzer argument.
I spent all day watching the Kardashians but i wont talk about it because you all have had enough of that, so then i was watching say yes to the dress and playing on my laptop and eating ice cream out of the container  and my dad said i need new habits because its looking like a lonely future.
My father said this….. who would probably be happy if i never had a boyfriend ever, so maybe i do need to re-evaluate my life.
but I got harry potter and stuff.
Plus i made a facebook for Ron Weasley so it could say we were married, so that ensures i’ll be forever single. and i dont even care.
Usually this blog double spaces for me, but it isnt doing it so im doing it myself and im scared everything will be quadruple spaced…. Only time will tell.
I cannot ramble on any longer. I hope you have found this the least bit entertaining, maybe next time ill remember what i wanted to talk about….
but probably not.
follow me on twitter and get my thoughts instantly to ensure you dont miss anything exciting….. ha ha..
and share this with your friends so lots of people read it and then people want to advertise here and ill make money and make it rain for all you guys. Or buy a lot of bronzer and liquid eyeliner. whatever, it benefits everyone..

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