im writing this against my better judgement

Published January 11, 2012 by shadycatlady

I am writing this even though i don’t want to be writing it because it probably wont make sense because i have a super bad headache and am sweating a lot because, well i dont know why, i’ll link it to the headache in order to make myself sound less digusting, and im sprawled on my moms bed with my pant legs rolled into bermuda shorts and one sock half off and i look like a crime scene body outline like you see in T.V, but here it goes anyways.

Everywhere you go there is that one just ULTRA douchey guy. You all know what im talking about and if you don’t than you’re probably that guy, sorry you had to hear it from me.

But yeah, the super douche. I have the ultimate super douche in my class. and if you dont know what a ‘super douche’ is i am going to explain it right now.

I am going to explain it by explaining this kid in my class, hopefully things will click for you as i use detailed examples.

He walks in like, 7-5 minutes before class starts to show people that he doesn’t care if he is late for this class (but he really does) but he shows up with enough time to sit around and look bored and like he doesn’t even need to be in this class.

His hair is messy. BUT WAIT, it’s messy, like it looks like it has been messed with. So i know this guy put like ten pounds of axe hair paste in his hair in order to make it look effortlessly messy, but he has obviously spent over 15 minutes achieving the perfect messy look, i went to hair school super douche, you CANNOT fool me.

He wears his pajamas, again to evoke the fact that he does not care about anything, and also to make it appear he did not spend 15 minutes on his and that he just rolled out of bed. Not the case, im overly observant because I am a creepy loonatic, so i know for a fact he color coordinated that outfit because he was wearing a red hoodie, like those beat up high school hoodies, and, most likely, abercrombie pajama bottoms that are blue plaid but also has red within the plaid, and then red shoes.

Yeah nice try buddy.

I cant wait to see what else he tries to pull off

I was also rocking out to Katy Perry on my way to school today and i missed my exit, it was so beyond retarded. So I advise to everyone that you do not get all caught up in lip synching Katy thaaaat early in the morning because you’re already tired you don’t need another distraction because you’ll miss your exit.

But more importantly i was driving home and seen a mural of Gene Simmons painted on someones wooden fence and almost caused a multi-lane accident so people should just not be allowed to show their love for Gene Simmons by a fence mural that is facing the express way.

I’m also psychic. well, when it comes to T.V shows, like you know when you guess something that is going to happen next on a TV show, and then you’re right, yeah that happens to me, but it happens to me 10 out of 10 times, im always right. I swear. I should get a medal, i wonder if i could get that inducted into the olympics because i would take the gold. and i need a gold medal because my dad doesnt think im good at sports (obviously –> see the tragic softball incident)

But now i have to go because Mackenzie is back on Toddlers in Tiaras and shes like 5 but she looks like shes 17 when she gets her spray tan and flipper teeth in. Plus i think im having some reaction to this headache like a fever but the fever is so extreme that its making me go crazy and hallucinate, like Malaria.


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