Dream Job

Published January 16, 2012 by shadycatlady

I almost witnessed a plan crash the other day.

I swear, but obviously me and my mom were the only people to see it in North West Ohio, so nobody is going to believe me, which is a crock of horse crap.

But seriously this airplane was like RIGHT above my house and then like popped a u-turn above the other houses and moved up in the daylight.

Nothing about that situation made sense, maybe i hallucinated the whole thing?

My mom also tried to clean her rims with a magic eraser because she seen it on a commercial and thought it was like the most genius thing of all time, except that commercial was probably in Florida and it was probably warm and sunny there because when my mom went to try it in our 28 degree weather the magic eraser just froze right to her rims.

So then she had to spend 15 minutes getting hot water and trying to get this ‘magic’ eraser off of her rims.

Fun fact!!

I also want to be a model because i mean, how fun would THAT job be.

Because i hate jobs and i never want to have a boring normal one.

And my mother is a photographer, so its suuuper convenient because i’ll just be like mom i want to take a picture and she will take alll her gear out and ill get to be a model in my kitchen.

But when we were in the middle of our in prompt to photoshoot my cat was VERY angry because she OBVIOUSLY has not eaten in 8 or 9 days, and she is starving and is going to die so in order to make sure we know she needs food she is trying to knock over her neon green joes crab shack cup (it is the ONLY thing she will drink water out of and i don’t want her to dehydrate) and make it spill all over the floor.

It would not be the first time, it we are being completely honest.

And then she runs around the kitchen like she is a horse in the Kentucky Derby and swats stuff off of the counter at the same time.

She rocks.

But yeah me and mom take pictures and sometimes it is messy and it hurts like when your mom shoots chalk into your, very open, eyeball. and then i cry.

But today we did a Mila Kunis inspired photograph and it was not all the disastrous, except the fact that my hair is now not listening to me because my mother made my hair part a different way and now it is irate, so, getting ready for my real job should be fun…..

Weeeeee pictures! yay

check out some of our pictures atttttt her Flickr page!! —–> CLICK ME FOR AWESOMENESS 

I think thats all that has been going on reallyy except i have a crush on Katy Perry and i cannnnot get off pinterest.

OH and those brownies things i made were DELICIOUS!! ill post pictures later im to lazy to get the off of my phone and i have to get ready for my dumb job.


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