a rant not related to my rockin new hair do.

Published January 19, 2012 by shadycatlady

I got my haircut today.

And when I get a haircut i like to make it a huge deal. I always think when I get it cut it’s going to look fifteen times shorter and kind of like an afro, like i just walked out of The Jackson 5.

So I think about it alllll day, and think about canceling it like fourteen times.

I stare at myself and reminisce about my long hair before it’s even gone. It includes a montage of great times we had together twirling in fields and getting ice cream on each others faces.

Well my hair dresser knows this about me because we sit in the chair and talk about how i really dont want any length off and just trim up the layers, but not a lot because i dont want short layers because i like my hair exactly how it is.

Which is why im getting a haircut

So im sitting there watching her literally dust the ends off of my top layers and look over and see a guy getting a fade and more hair from his head falling to the ground than mine.

So that is how my haircuts go.

I pay 20 dollars to have a panic attack and look exactly the same.

Yep nothing like a rage comic to sum up your life.

and now it is time for a rant.

If i was alloted one poisonous african blow dart i would have FOR SURE wasted it on the girl in my class that im about to describe to you.

She is sitting right in the front row eating an entire meal, like she could not have waited, and has something to say after EVERYTHING the teacher says.

I probably know her whole life story, she was just talking about things that had nothing to do with school:

My friend lived in India and they have such better fast food than here she brought me some and i was like omg where did you get this and she said India and i said omg take me with you!

Cool story BRO! do you have time to tell it again!!

I went to a very small high school, i was the valedictorian of a graduating class of FIFTEEN people. fifteen people. and I’m the only one who has a full time job.

Thats cool. You’re such an idol i aspire to be just like you because your so strong and smart. pffffft. right.

I work at the library and i have to deal with people yelling in my face all the time but i have to just keep smiling and be like have a great day

Yeah welcome to customer service. and I’m sure nobody is yelling in the library because well 1. it is a library, since the beginning of time everyone knows to be quiet in there and 2. what is there to be thaaaat upset about. get real.

I dont really understand what you’re saying

yeah well thats because the teacher is not done talking and im SUUURE she will explain it as soon as she finishes her sentence.

She also is the person that raises their hand every time they have something to say but if the teacher does not call on her within like the first 3 seconds you can see her get all annoyed.

And as i was walking out of that horrible class i seen a guy with i swear i dont even know how to explain it, it was literally a leather chip strap. Like a horse kind of. Why do people do things like this, they know they’re going to end up in my blog.

I also overheard the people behind me talking and the conversation went something like this

You heard me!

No i didn’t hear you

Welll den you shoulda heard me

Who just says things like that. and the conversation just ended there. she really should of heard him because he was done talking to her.

And there is always that one person in class whose phone goes off and they just look around, like whose phones going off.

ummmm YOURS IS i know its you, you can stop acting a fool now.

Well its time to watch Idol auditions. YAAAY for crushing spirits.

Also Brittany gibbons likes my blog, so you all should, and i LOVE her blog, so you all should read it —-> Click here because shes wildly inappropriate and great at naming things, like children



7 comments on “a rant not related to my rockin new hair do.

  • Damn. I can’t even really decide what I love the most. The fact that you are fucking hilarious, the fact that you are a freak about your hair (hi,me also.), or that I have all the same sort of dickhead internal monologues.

    And that douche bag in the front row? Tell me her major is a foreign language. Because she sounds like the type of girl who majors in a foreign language and then phases in and out of said language in everyday conversation.

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