A million blog posts into one! YAY

Published January 21, 2012 by shadycatlady

Lets re-cap my twitter posts since that is what i do when i write a blog anyways. Twitter is my pre-blog notepad.

Yeah one of my major pet peeves. You are a tool. Music does NOT need to be this loud and it is annoying. because your music sucks anyways and then you cant even hear anything else around you because there could be like major chaos behind you can a crazed murder  with a chain saw and you would never know. I hate you people
I dont know if people get this friendly nice person vibe from me or if i really am just THAT hott early in the morning but there is no need for you to sit directly next to me. Then he eats animal crackers in the dead silence and i have this disease where i literally cannot stand listening to people to chew or drink or the sound of drinks being poured or anything. Its a real disease im not that weird. so i have to keep sticking my finger in my ear like really fast over and over again and i probably look crazy but if i did not buffer that noise i would have choked him with my two hands or threw up all over the place
This. This speaks for itself. I accidentally took some weird comp II class thats ALL about food. my sub-conscience is trying to make me fat. but anyways he made us watch like the national hotdog eating contest and i find nothing about tiny asians eating 60 soggy wet hotdogs enjoyable so im sitting in the back really dry-heaving and trying to not throw up, when it comes down to the final hotdog and the clock is down to like two seconds and the asian throws up but he throws up INTO HIS HANDS AND THEN EATS HIS THROW UP. nope, right there. thats when i decided that this was way to much. nobody should care about hotdogs that much.
I prepped myself to sit in my bed all day friday when i check my phone and have three missed calls from my BFF asking me to pick her up form her college thats like 3 hours away, and since im like the best friend anyone could have, i asked my father to go get her so we set off on a roadtrip. except i have not eaten all day and my dad told me to pack stuff to eat on the way and my family lives like a couple of fraternity bachelors and there is never any food, so thats what my diet consisted of.
NOW, for a couple of my favorite tweets form people i follow, and urge you to follow.
Dane cook. I think he is hilarious and if you do not know what he is referring to in this tweet you are deranged, because he does an excellent little comedy skit on when he used to work at Burger king and someone made it into an equally hilarious cartoon. Please watch it here so we can still be friends —–> THE BK LOUNGE!!!
Quite possibly one of the funniest mock twitters. You know that girl you went to high school with that NEVER leaves and also doesnt know any current news and likes nickleback and stuff? yeah well someone made her a twitter and is saying things that she would say. SERIOUSLY HILARIOUS. ‘marshallz’ if you didnt go follow this after you read that word i urge you to do it now or forever be sad.
I also had to leave my first upset note on the window of a mini van when they parked um like ON TOP of my car at the el camino and you just dont do that stuff at a mexican restaurant because i eat a lot until i cant fit into my jeans and DO NOT want to suck in my stomach juuuuust to get in my car. so i did this..
i had to put mini is quotations so that they would pick up on my sarcasm because there was nothing tiny about that van. So i hope you had a hip hoppin time at the el camino because you parked so close to my car that when i tried to get in the door knocked my glasses off and felt like Velma. I also hate you.

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