I have mastered teleportation

Published January 24, 2012 by shadycatlady

Now a random fact, i hate dreaming. I just hate it. I use multiple dream catchers hoping they will accidently catch alllll my dreams so i can have a peaceful dreamless night. weird i know, but it is what it is im over it.

BUUUT the dream god have been very nice to me lately meaning i have had the best dreams ever. like Chuck Bass was in love me and I was in love with him and he got me a burberry coat because it was my favorite designer and my best friend jordan tried to break us up by saying i was always in it for the money but we didnt break up because we were madly in love and nothing would ever separate us.

And i also had an Iphone which was cool and was in the front row of a blink 182 concert in an auditorium that was located in a mens restroom. Yeah seriously i cant make this stuff up.

Also in my class is one of the grunge emo 90 stragglers who kind of looks like limp bizkit. He has an eyebrow piercing and a lip piercing and one of those awkward beanies that has a bill on it and he was wearing it sideways. He was wearing an alllllll skull hooded sweatshirt. and he had a nine inch nails bookbag with invader zim, happy bunny, and slipknot patches ironed on it. Yeah not the cool ‘tamogachi, skip it’, 90’s that i love.

I also woke up all early in the morning at 5:30 to walk in the kitchen and see my dad shaving his head, pretty normal i assume.

So i went back to bed and woke up in my moms bed, which reminded me of this:

So yes ive mastered teleportation like criss angel.

Or maybe i walked in to sleep with my mommy because i couldnt sleep like a toddler.

Now, i know everyone at my school does not wear jeans everyday. i never see other people wear sweatpants like me, everyone tries to dress cute like in high heeled boots and jeans and scarves and stuff. Is that normal? i just assumed after high school nobody cared anymore but i find myself feeling like the art freaks and everyone else is the plastics.

The girl i want to shoot a blow dart at reminded us all that she graduated from a class of fifteen which made me want to shoot myself in the head again. Why does she still talk.

Clarissa (my teacher who loves the ninetys) was also talking about how weird it would be to get back in the dating scene after being divorced at like 40. I’m like, listen Clarissa if i got divorced at like 40 i would totally just become a cougar and hang out the hippest bars and pick up young naive dudes. I worry about her. mostly because she was wearing a denim button up today with ironed on cat patches. ooooohh clarissa



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