i found cool stuff on the internet, which is not the cause of me turning into the hulk.

Published January 26, 2012 by shadycatlady

Not a lot has been going on, so i went ahead and found a bunch of shit on the internet that i think is hilarious. Key words: I THINK. I like weird things. But first i need to talk about a couple of things that annoyed the absolute crap out of me.

Oooookay that really weird english class i took about food you know? I still hate it. I not only hate it because it based around food and only food and like gardening and stuff but there is also the most annoying people in there. This girl, instead of a book bag, obviously bought the biggest Vera Bradly or whatever bag EVER. because it is so practical and good for your shoulders and posture and keeps the rain out. All sarcasm. This bag is the size of a small sedan, with an open top. She also only sits around the guys because she is annoying and talked about how she actually liked the article about the asparagus festival. uhh no, you did not. that was five pages of baby drool.

THEN there is the typical girl who doesnt know how to act around guys so she just acts like shes 12 and draws a little face on fist, you know where you can open its mouth the thumb or whatever and calls it ‘Stavie’ which must me “please punch my owner in the face” in Russian because that is what it makes me want to do.

Then there is this huge jock who talks like he is retarded and his friend asked if  he wanted to play basketball and he said maybe if i feel better as he was carrying a bottle of orange crush and a can of orange mountain dew like he was going to double fist them. Yeah you sure are sick

then a kid who looks like Mandark from dexters laboratory. He just sits there and does not be annoying.


I also found out more information i never cared to learn about the most annoying person to ever grace the planet

She has one older brother and one younger brother, BUT she is the only child by her mother and the third by her dad. FASCINATING. And because of her two half brothers she is still a tomboy to this day because she “likes cars and stuff”. She was also THE ONLY GIRL IN HER ENTIRE SCHOOL to play sports. except her school, WHERE ONLY 15 PEOPLE GRADUATED (she said this three more time) had girl sports teams? “But like yeah they had sports teams for girls but not like football and i played football with the boys and like soccer”

So I’ve come to conclusion that she is literally insane and probably takes medication.

NOW FINALLY, on to all hilarious stuff i found:

i think this waaay to much…

‘the face’ never ever fails, even as a text message. must try


Whats the big deal really

story of my life.
To make fun of the skinny people are ugly one thats going around. everyone has different taste, get over it.
even the census has a sense of humor.
oooh that 70’s show..
This would have been posted earlier except i had to go to the store with my parents which took like an hour and we only acquired six items and then my dad decided to drive the entire perimeter of the closed down mall at about 10 mphs even though it looked the same after every corner we passed. DEAD.
AND NOW MY DEVIL CAT IS DRIVING ME INSANE literally. I had nachos while i typed this and my cat acted like she had not eaten for months and i had to type with one had and block my food with the other and then when i was done there was cheese left on the plate and you might as well thought it was crack because she went crazy and now she has my blood pressure all high and i feel like im going to morph in purple capris and lose my mind, like the hulk.

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