Lazy day with a theme this time!!

Published January 27, 2012 by shadycatlady

Well im going to be lazy again and post a bunch of pictures to make you laugh instead of taking the time to write words that might make you guys laugh.

Except today, i was inspired, and I have thought of a rockin theme for pictures today….


what inspired this theme you ask? Well let me tell you.

I have the most annoying people ever in all my classes so obviously my class today wouldnt be any different. The kid in the front row is like Hermione granger. My teacher asks a question and his hand SHOOTS up in the hair like at the speed of light and if he does not get called on right away he starts to like wave his hand around and if my teacher was Snape he would take away points. But sadly i dont go to Hogwarts yet because my letter got lost in the mail I think

Hereee we go!

Its true, we do love points.

Believe me, no one seen this coming

I love harry potter, and i love the bed intruder  <—– watch video there!!!!

My BIGGEST problem with the movies, lily and harry are SUPPOSED to have green eyes!!!!!! How expensive are colored contacts!?

hahahaha spoof of the old spice commercial <—- watch that commercial there!

Snape as a boggart is fabulous!!

I love mean girls!!! and harry potter!!

mean girls again!

mean girls again!

last mean girls one i swear

Let the twilight ones begin!

Just something to think about

Yep rob, you dun messed up. Everyone respected you when you were Cedric.

As i was gathering these pictures i was watching toddlers and tiaras, yes i like that, and the pageant director said they did not allow thong bikinis because not everyone has the body to pull off a thong bikini…..

Yeah, THATS why they should not be allowed…


Your just asking pedophiles to go to the pageants…



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