But why am I white?

Published January 29, 2012 by shadycatlady

Well i want to be Greek.

Me and my mother watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night and it just looked so fun. There was cousin nikki who tastefully hoochie and was all loud and had big hair and made the wedding book full of crystals and feathers (I would be cousin Nikki obviously) and then there was my personal favorite, Aunt Voula, who was just great. Plus when she had her “boposy” she discovered her twin on her neck which is both bad ass and probably unsanitary.  and she also wants to cook lamb for vegetarians, because quite frankly, she can do whatever she wants.

OH plus joey fatone is in it! Hello 90’s dream.

Plus cousin Nikki has a mustache.

Also might I add since im not barbaric I do NOTT want to roast a lamb in my front yard. That stuff is NOT for me. I dont even like meat in my spaghetti. Let alone its whole body roasting in my front yard.

Also since my work cut my hours by like, All of them practically, I need you all to share this with your friends so people will pay me to advertise on here because my mom said i need to establish a budget…even though they say i have not learned the value of a dollar yet so they are setting me up to fail.

Evidently they say that they don’t want to hear me complain about having no money and then getting my nails done. But if they took the time to look at my chipped gel polish they would notice that it is a need and NOT a want anymore.

none the less i should prrrrobably find a small side job incase my work decides to give me more hours, because i actually love it there. But i’ll need money between now and then, so the search begins. But im picky i dont want to have to do a lot of work or sweat or be around greasy food and have splatter on my face and give me acne. But i don’t want to be to particular.

Also my obsession for Harry Potter is growing by the minute so i’m probably going to have some crazy freak out from withdrawals since there is no new movies ever and get a huge Harry Potter mural tattooed on me. My love runs deep.

I currently have goblet of fire playing on my television, although it is not my favorite, I’ll give you a very straight forward ‘hint’


love. love. love.

I also Severus and Sirius but my mom is making me go make smoothies with her plus i think i have homework….. Oh look and ‘E card’ to explain my situation!

*cough*cough* school…….

I’d rather break my legs!



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