My school is famous, and it is not from me…..

Published January 31, 2012 by shadycatlady

I had plans to blog today and now i remember nothing. But i did find this hilarious picture of Santana from glee (my faaaav character) which describes me perfectly.

My former high school is on MTV right now and it is a really weird experience. To bad they weren’t there last year, because they could’ve snagged me up because i am very charming and nice and stuff……..

Okay im not really nice.

but it is weird to see people i know on MTV, plus it is all anyone is tweeting about and facebooking about because its the biggest thing to happen here since like probably everything. not counting the drug raids and underage drinkers at dances.

am I even allowed to say that? oh well.

I also had to apply to jobs today since my current job cut my hours by like 99%.

I have not had to fill out an application in sooo long. And i hate doing it because the boxes to write stuff are so small and sometimes my hand writing sucks and 2 out of the 3 places wanted resumes.

a resume? i dont do shit.

what do i put on a resume if i have not done anything…..

Ill tell you what i DID put though.

Under the sonic section i put “Make customers happy by wearing a giant cherry limeade costume”.

What have I got to lose really? I tried really hard to find the picture of me in the costume but it is lost, as soon as i find it, it is going on the internet that is FOR SURE.

So hopefully they call me back. because im hilarious and can obviously withstand extreme heat

OH if youre wondering the 3 places i’ve applied 2 are tanning salons and 1 is a bridal shop. because i love weddings…..and being tan.

Me and my mom also made a suuuuuper good dinner and it looked like thisss!

They are mini deep dish pizzas

annnnnd… MY MOM STARTED A BLOG so you can get the step by step here ——-> MY MOMS FOOD BLOG!!!!!!!!!

You wont be disappointed because she is a great cook.

Well she has to be, because i am a very picky eater……

OH and even my cat liked it

so read on readers. READ ON

also if you would please watch made in honor of a hockey we lost a couple of weeks ago Cody Van Hersett.

Alyssa made into a hockey player. google that or some shit, i cant do all the work for you guys.


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