The new macbook bracelet!

Published February 2, 2012 by shadycatlady

I hate the internet. My late grandfather was right.

The internet is a fad, and eventually it will pass.

I go to school an hour early before my meeting to make sure i get a good parking spot and then i can just sit in the waiting area and google and shit.

Well obviously that just did not happen because I wanted it to.

My schools internet was like on the fritz today and WOULD NOT WORK. So im sitting here scaring everyone away while i mumble curses and enchantments under my breath at my computer.

Few things make me more mad than when my computer wont load web pages. It literally makes me want to punch my fist through the computer screen and wear it as a bracelet.


So I am getting ALLLLL kinds of pissed off so i leave the building in a hurry and go to the other building and it STILL is not working. So I am at freak out point. I have already restarted my computer so then i clear my history, maybe that is clogging it up? nope.

So i do the most drastic thing ever…… I reset safari.

This means i lost all my autofills, saved usernames, top site bookmarks. You know the rewards you get for being on safari every frickin second of everyday so i am distraught in this gay sociology class.

And as soooooon as I am done reseting safari, the guy next to me goes “Hey is your internet working”.

Are. You. Serious.

You couldnt have let me know i wasnt the only one BEFORE i reset safari. I wanted to shoot laser beams at him.

this was my facebook message to my mom…. thats how mad i was.

If you read my mothers food blog. *que advertisement to tell you to seriously read my mothers BLOG * cough cough

You would know that my cat honestly loves food.

Human food. She begs like a dog.

So obviously my mom is cooking on our gas stove, flames and all. and my cat just cannot take it anymore. She does not understand

why we are not feeding, she was being super good and she deserves human food!!


We throw her off as fast as we can but we could smell it. We knew it happened before we even saw.

Burnt hair.

I run to find her to find some of her left whiskers melted off… but not all the way just the ends so they look a little curly.

But that didnt help her when she decides to jump up places and falls over.

Poor Gato.

I get so hungry in school that i all i do is pinterest the food/drink section on pinterest.

Like so much that i have to wait 5 minutes until more food shows up on the main board.


oh by the way if you want to follow me in pinterest i have have like over 450 pins, here is my pinterest page or whatever they call it.


Oh you know what else i hate that is almost equal to the internet.

Getting a zit in class.

Because you can feel it and you KNOW its super red but there is nothing you can do about it.

and then the people behind me are laughing about something and they are obviously laughing at me and can probably see my zit in the reflection of my computer or maybe they are laughing at the fact that I have to wait until more food pins show up.

Don’t judge me.


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