Harry Potter but not Harry Potter

Published February 4, 2012 by shadycatlady

I viewed The Woman in Black last night because I love Daniel Radcliffe and I needed to see his debut film out of the EPIC Harry Potter 8 part series.

What a mistake.

There might be spoilers I don’t know, im going to try not to but my brain doesn’t have a filter. Plus I still am confused.

Actually there won’t be spoilers I just decided. I wont say anything that isn’t in the trailer. Because I don’t care to explain the whole plot line.

This was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Not just the creepy graphics and stuff like regular scary movies, the actual plot line was scary. It had a scary story. Those are the worst.

It was so scary. Like I don’t even have words to explain it to you. Except you should just go see it, because as scary as it is, I guess it was a good movie, if I can get past how scary it is.

I basically paid 7 dollars to sit around a bunch of strangers with my eyes closed asking friend whats happening every 5 seconds.

Whatever if i can watch it anyone can watch it because I am nottt a fan of scary movies, and I only seen this one because Dan was in it.

Which he does NOT disappoint, he is seriously hotttttttt in this movie

See? check him out. oww owwww

notice there is no scar? That was the hardest part for me. He was riding a train that was not the hogwarts express, he could not use his wand, he didnt have a scar, he didnt introduce himself as Harry Potter, His was actualllly tidy!!!

The whole thing was weird i don’t think I was ready for a post Potter Daniel film

because i literally love Harry Potter. Its pretty much my world.

I love it so much that I dont care if that makes me sound dorky. I’m going to get a Harry Potter tattoo when i get enough money.

I even have this fabulous Albus Dumbledore quote on my wall, Oh and the pink christmas lights that i snuck in the cart at the andersons when my dad was buying.

And the necklace with the quote from the seventh movie, my favorite part of all eight films by the way. I love the princes tale.

Oh and my Spell light switch.

*By the way you can get these items on etsy.com*

I also had a dream that Justin Bieber was my boyfriend. Which was weird because I really like Chuck Bass who has been appearing in my dreams. But in my dream I had Justins phone number and we would text and everyone was jealous because I had his phone number, which isnt really that weird because he was my boyfriend. My brain makes up some very odd scenarios.

I also tweeted about my dream involving Justin and then i got some weird spam thats was all like “Do you want justin to follow you? click here to find out how!!”

and I’m like um no, I would not want Justin Bieber to follow me because i tweet some weird shit and I don’t really want strangers thinking im weird. Plus what if it led him to here? To all my random thoughts for like the past three months, Yeah talk about weird.

Also Vanilla Ice was trending on twitter which is weird because I was sure I was the only one who loved vanilla ice.

I have his cassette tape and it was my favorite thing to listen to in my old car in my cassette player before i got a car from this century that did not have a cassette player.

But really i can get down to some ice ice baby. I know all the words, I am perfect at it.

Why cant i be good at like sports or taking tests. Instead im good at lip synching 90 white boy rap songs and talking to cats.



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