BlackoutBlackoutBlackout always fun.

Published February 8, 2012 by shadycatlady

I took a test today.

I don’t even remember being there.

I walk all

Where am i, how did i get here, am i in the twilight zone. do i smell burning hair

I don’t test well.

I also don’t care about philosophy at all, so I was doomed to fail. Im sure i got like 3 questions right out of 27. I get all sweaty and immediately forget everything i have ever learned about the subject and write down things that don’t make sense like this

op! there it is, silly teacher.

I also took another test today.


it was a test over a book that i forgot to get so i just read on sparknotes. so i was like


He said he was going to test over little details to make sure we read it

and I was like of course why wouldnt you? makes sense. So I fail another one, whats the big deal.

Yet as he was passing out the test the clouds parted and jesus shined through and my teacher said even if you read spark notes you could pass this test.

I cried tears of joy and all the questions were easy.

My uncle also is saving up like every single lottery ticket he has even scratched off in his whole existence.

Why you ask?

Because when he finally wins the big millions he is going to turn in all those lottery tickets so he doesnt have to pay as many taxes.

He seriously has like 700 lottery tickets.

Genius? Or crazy? there’s a fine line really.

My Potter fever has been in full swing lately so you can imagine the pure ecstasy on my face when i found this on the internet

This my friends is a harry potter mirror. I must own it and i will put a lightening bolt sticker above it.

I want to pee my pants with excitement all over again.

also this…

I will be attending this brief summer camp. Because i love nothing more than playing wizards.

I will use my powers for good and not evil and only use expelliarmus.

Me and my mom also made homemade cheese its today

and it honestly was not a disaster

If you dont count having to tackle my cat like a line backer so we could actually finish baking them.

The recipe is SUPER easy and they taste identical to real cheese its except its better because you get to make it yourself.


Don’t they look delicious.

Well i don’t care if you think they don’t look delicious

because i know they are.

And then you’ll bake them and then learn the error of your ways.



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