Man up and look at my favorite pink colored items.

Published February 14, 2012 by shadycatlady

As far as I personally am concerned, Valentines Day is an excuse for companys to make my favorite shit in pink. My favorite color.

I love it. Who doesnt love when their favorite items are also pink?!

I can tell ya Nicki Minaj probably loves it.

But not as much as I do.

Now about Valentines day being about eternal love and other gay stuff, I could care less. If you love someone and feel the need to shower them with affection and overpriced candy one day a year, be my guest i won’t stop you. But if you don’t have someone to celebrate it with then why don’t you man up and stop being a little girl about it. News flash desperation is never sexy and alluring. omg i wish i had a boyfriend/girlfriend. I hate Valentines Day. Valentines day is the worst holiday ever.

whatever we get it, why don’t you just not complain and rub some dirt on it. Like a wise person once said nobody loves you the other 364 days of the year either.

To cheer up all you miserable souls and make you lovey dovey beeyoches even happier, here are a few of my favorite things: PINK EDITION!

 Perfume, specifically the Daisy by Marc Jacobs, in a nice pink hue. and Paris and a rocking horse. Yeah i love all those things

 The warmth of uggs, in a nice pink color. I love uggs and I dont care what anyone says. Its like walking on clouds of cotton candy and baby unicorn hair.

 YEAH tea. I love tea. And especially love the protrusion on the inside making the content of the cup take that shape of a heart. plus the rock candy stirrer and sugar cubes. I love sugar cubes. On toddlers and tiaras one mom called them ‘Dance Candy’ and rewarded her child with them after she practiced her routines. America.

 A nice over processed picture of tiffanys boxes and a ring. I love tiffanys and thankfully for the over processing of it, it now takes a pink hue. Yummy!

 Ummmm hello a PINK KITTEN. I love cats. and I love the color pink. My cat better hope she can run fast and find a good hiding spot because im totally dying her fur pink.

 Is this not adorable. Moschino designed a bunch of suuuper adorable coke bottles, you can google it but i cannot put them in here, because they are not pink. But i would love to own 400 of these.

Now, some girl at my school was talking to her friends, and being the great eavesdropper I am, I over heard it all.

She was talking to her friends and someone said something about Whitney Houston dying and she goes Oh when did that happen in the most casual voice. and she didnt know because she was studying all weekend.

Yeah right, I couldnt have avoided that freight train of news even if i wanted to. She would have literally had to be Amish and then not talked to anyone for a couple days.

She also said Madonna isnt even that good of a dancer

um hello. Madonna is fossilizing as we speak, thats how old she is.

Is your grandmother, possibly great grandmother, a good dancer? Yeah well Madonna is still better than her. Maybe she forgot like Madonna is super old. and then maybe she forgot that she was the queen of pop and was once a great dancer.

I was trying to take a beautiful picture of my cat today on my cell phone camera and I could NOT figure out why it wasnt working. Well it wasnt working because my finger was on the lens. If that sentence doesnt describe an old lady I dont know what it is. So the future and its technological advances are looking grim for me from here on out.

Now don’t let a d-bag ruin your fabulous pink Tuesday and hand out these rocking cards i found on the internet and then get down with your bad self

 Yeah, forget sappy words and you know feelings, just get down to the nitty gritty.

and my personal favorite

 I love you. and her. and her and her her her her. Its perfect, don’t lead her on and let her think you guys are exclusive let her know you want her……… but also other people……… at the same time.

Its the 21st century, or something, people! Live in the now!


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