The only thing not hostile about this are cats.

Published February 18, 2012 by shadycatlady

Adding cats to my stumbleupon interests was one of the best ideas ever. I’ve learned so many more cat facts over these past few days than in my whole life. It also allows me to find things like this

Which for some unknown reason makes me want to pee my pants from laughter. I’m seriously laughing out loud at this cat picture….alone….in my room… on a saturday night.

Without stumbleupon I would be so ill informed of everything like how else would I know that Kate Middleton loves reality TV?? Because i stumbled upon an article that says she does. Thank God for Stumble.

BTW my stumbleupon user name is chattymadee if you want to follow my stumbles or whatever the hell they’re calling it over there.

Yeah so anyways yesterday I’m sitting at school mentally preparing myself for the test im about to take by sitting on facebook and twitter when the limp bizkit tool asked me something about the Aristotelian stand point of an argument and if its still valid if something happens or something, I’m like I really have no idea what that question even means, because i really didnt and i wanted him to stop sitting on my bench and leave me alone. And he looks at me as if he was some type of God with a P.H.D in philosophy and i was a kindergartner and then said “How are you even passing this class”. So I was all, excuse me, limp bizkit was never cool along with beanies with bills on them so why dont you mind your own business because i could give two shits about philosophy really, and i am passing, with a pretty good grade so BOUNCE. but i really just “I dont know” and continued to not look at him because i wanted to spit on his baggy flare jeans with chains on them for being so annoying. Well he continued to sit on my bench and 5 blissful minutes pass were he is not talking to me when he says “So you just, like, sit there in class” Um yeah you dumb idiot he doesnt give notes because all the notes he gives are on the worksheets for homework, so you mean to tell me your taking notes twice. Might I add this is his SECOND time taking this class. So I just said “Ya” and he said “Wow…..Not cool”

Yeah neither is your slipknot bookbag or the time i had to listen to you talk about how prepared you are for Armageddon because you have all these guns and you actually know where the closest unground shelters are or whatever and how manly you are.

I’m generally an all around angry person. Facebook has been pissing me off lately with all the skinny people saying their fat and ugly and then the pre-teens taking pictures of them smoking and talking about being high. Okay maybe they’re not pre-teens but if you take pictures of yourself smoking cigarettes your probably not mature enough to be smoking them because im sure you just think it looks cool. Smoking just doesnt look cool. Especially if you’re still wearing a training bra.

Kids these days. I hate them all.

But i love that there is a picture for everything.

And then my friend tweeted this picture

and i pissed my pants and had to be resuscitated back to life i was so excited.


This is honestly the best idea ever….of all time. I will be implementing this this week. I will keep you posted.

But im also going to add 20 crunches everytime Hermione tells Ron to stop eating because she does that a lot.

But for now I’ll sit here and watch the worst one, Order Of the Phoenix, which happens to be one of the best books, and eat salty snacks!



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