No, It’s not all about glee. but i wish it was

Published February 22, 2012 by shadycatlady

** This WILL contain Glee spoilers from last night **

Well it seems as my blogging idol Brittany Gibbons (Hint: click her name to get to her hilariously inappropriate blog) is one of the only other people I know who watch Glee I turned to her for guidance on last nights episode and to tell me it will all be okay. So when I seen she blogged about it and posted a picture of her face at the end of the episode, I thought….Genius. I must do the same because I’m speechless. So here is my face at the last second of last nights episode..

So much happened. I can’t believe they did that to Quinn! Why couldnt they have did it to Tina, she broke up with Artie, karma couldve handed it to her in a texting related accident. Quinn was just getting back on track with early acceptance to Yale, um she got to be a cheerio again! AND THEY JUST WON REGIONALS! plus she stopped trying to get Shelby Corcoran arrested.

Plus Finn and Rachel decided to rush into getting married which is always a good idea, so we could always find joy in that…

Quinn is an easy character to hate, which is probably why i love her. She is so ignorant to other peoples problems, she is selfish, she is always bitchy, like someone just insulted her ponytail. She never really had a hard life, at any point. Sure she gave up her baby but she wanted to, and then she decided to cope with by doing this..

She decided to become part of the SKANKS group and school and dye her pink and wear weird long denim dresses and smoke in the bathroom. Granted she came to her senses and went back to her normal bitchy self, only to try to literally steal her baby back and get the adoptive mother arrested…

The patented Quinn look. Which is also how my face looks 99% of the time. I really hope they don’t kill off Quinn, I know she would probably not be on the next season anyways since she would be graduating and moving but still…. I would be on a tyrant.

I’d probably get her portrait tattooed on my back

Also Karofsky try to kill himself after being bullied for being gay at his new school. I like the way they handled this because it actually was believable and handled so delicately. I admire that they portrayed this portion of being gay on the show. It’s not always single ladies dance remakes, boyfriends with bow-ties and fabulous outfits. Sometimes it’s hard and people get bullied until they kill themselves which is not right and they reminded everyone not to kill themselves by thinking of something youre looking forward to, which was when the entire universe cried together as Karofsky and Kurt talked about his partner and taking his son to his first football game. And then they make us wait until April 10 to see the conclusion of Quinns crash. Oh and if finn and rachel get married i guess…. but who cares.

As i promised this was not all about glee. This is also about Tony Horton

exactly. The P90X guy. I decided to do P90X again except i condensed it to P40X because I’m lazy and just want abs and could easily configure it into my lent ordeal thing. So boom two birds with one stone.

I cant feel my core. If you dont have this….. get it. Ab ripper X is such a bitch but it works. Plus Tony is jam packed with cheesy sayings and it is awesome. Its like a comedy boot camp.

Also I found this which is weird because my mom was just talking about buying an asinine amount of stuff at Target that we obviously do not need.

Perfect. This is EXACTLY what happens at Target, I’m surprised I have not thought of this before. This is what it is like when we go to Target. On our last adventure i remember getting sprinkles that were in containers that looked like christmas lights. We dont ever use sprinkles and so far their only use to make my one year old cousin stop crying by letting him throw them around the kitchen. We also have to ask ourselves what happened when we get in the car…. So always wear sunglasses when looking at the Target bulls-eye (Hypnotic Circle) and also the little dog too, just to be safe.

And remember children….

Tony is always watching you eat that fatty food.


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