cats and crafts and breakfast. Not in that order.

Published March 11, 2012 by shadycatlady

So, we go to Ihop Friday because not being able to eat meat on fridays is very difficult and my parents dont understand the food actually does come meatless sometimes. So we eat breakfast on fridays. Anyways everyone else apparently had the same idea because Ihop was CRAZY. and it doesnt help that one of their whopping 4 cooks called off. We were there from 6 until 8. 2 HOURS AT THE DAMN IHOP. That one cook that called off better have been some damn cook because I dont see how one teenager, with a crustache, and 3 chest hairs trying to save up money to buy a sweet set of rims for his crappy car, could have made such a difference. So we order meatless meals and naturally my moms plate comes back LOADED in bacon, and out server, who is busy doing nothing because no food is coming out, seemed to not notice. She also didnt notice that my dad’s plate, that could hold an entire thanksgiving turkey, only had two eggs smooshed all the way over on the left side because they forgot his entire order of hashbrowns. IHOP-1 Family-0. Well played. Also right as we were leaving we heard a panicked voice from the kitchen say “WERE OUT OF SILVERWARE!!” so luckily we got out when we did because people were about to be eating with dirty forks.

We trapped my cat in my moms room last night so we could go to bed and not hear her crying in the living room, because she refuses to come in my moms room based solely on the fact that we want her to. Putting a cat to bed is not an easy feat. It is like putting a child to bed. She cried and whined for like 35 minutes because she was obviously not tired. She launched my glasses off of the headboard and tried to make them smack me in the face in attempt to kill me or have me release her. and then she realized she was not getting out because it is time for bed and she went to go lay down, directly in the center of the bed, and then did the “Big Daddy” thing you know when Frankstein rolls around in the newspaper to be really loud. except she just moved around a lot and kicked us with her tiny legs. But she eventually fell asleep all curled up in a little ball.

And today since it was abnormally nice in my hellish town me and mother decided to take a picture.

Now i know what your thinking

But that is not the case. because me and my mom have droids and dont have instagram.

But also because we are not mediocre photographers. No color selecting (Making it all black and then like leaving your majestic eyes colored) and also no casually standing by a tree bullcrap because that looks cheesy almost 233% of the time.

Like our facebook here! click here here here for fabulous photography!

We get very into our pictures and make props and spend countless days at halloween stores and stuff  so, naturally, we spent the afternoon birthing a beautifully created large high fashion headband because me and my mom hoard various craft supplies because it makes my dad mad.

We also made an etsy shop because usually we use these items once and then we never see them again until were cleaning and are all

Hey when did we get these wax lips and batman masks at?

So if you love the headband im about to show you, you can feel free to buy it at the link i provide at the end.

But first I am going to say that yes i have always been crafty I will show you this example of my junior homecoming dress.

I got that dress for like nine dollars and fixed it up myself and spent hours glueing the feathers on there just right. That is my best friend still to this day by the way, were inseparable. I will not be including the picture with my date because that took a turn for the worse, which i believe is directly related to a horrible spray tan i got days before prom, and he grew out a rat tail and started watching shows like weed wars, but the embarrassing part is that it is HIM who doesnt like me anymore. Oh bittersweet life. And yes i had unnaturally blonde hair AND braces. WINNER

ANYWAYS here is the fabulous photo-shoot with the headband we made.

Buy this fabulously Avant Garde head band………..——> HERE CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY STORE

I also hope to put more things in that store VERY shortly like, but not limited to, complete sequin jackets, vintage dresses and photoshoot junk. be on the look out!


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