Paranoia and Fear.

Published March 15, 2012 by shadycatlady

So my luck has ran out yet again.

It seems that the mild ogre fight was the calm before the real storm.

I was sitting down when it sounded like the battle of Hogwarts had erupted in my living room.

As I said before. I am VERY, emphasis on the VERY, scared of storms. And since my mom undermines my fear and refuses my need for xanax or other anxiety medicine I have to sit here through it. Now, It is not the scared where I’m all omg im sooo scared someone come over and cuddle and watch movies. Its more like OMG IM SO SCARED LET ME COME OVER IN YOUR BUNKER BUT PUT ME INSIDE OF A FULL STEEL BOX WITH MY CAT AND WHILE I THROW UP AND PUKE AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE IM SURE IM GOING TO DIE kind of scared.

The absolute last thing I think of when I think of tornados is this

I do not believe that I will swept away to a magical land where the central theme is choosing family over wealth. Sneaky. But I think more like this

Now, I do not always freak out like this. This behavior is specifically for thunderstorms. Like a puppy

Like today when I was breaking on the highway because other people were breaking, I could see the car in my rear view mirror just not slowing down. And i was not freaking out at all. I didnt even freak out when it had to swerve into the other lane because he did not feel like slowing down. And i could only bring myself to think of all the muffin crumbs on my lap. Priorities. Im doing it right.

BUT I do have paranoia for no reason also, like my boss boss said to me yesterday Can I ask you an honest question and i started freaking out like I had no idea if i could tell the truth anymore, like what if i forgot and lied, but he really just wanted to know if he looked old. And also someone stuck like 2 pamphlets under my windshield wipers but i didnt notice them until i was driving and all I kept thinking was that they were going to fly off and I would get a fine for littering and that the cops wouldnt believe me when I would try to tell them that someone put it on my car and i didnt notice it and that I really wasnt trying to litter. So thanks a lot who ever did that.

Also on a side note on my way to school I was behind a car that was going like 4 MPH around corners like their Grand Marquis was going flip over if they went over 10 MPH so that got me all pumped up.

So while this devil storm carries on and I have to sit here in the middle of it I will be watching Toddlers in Tiaras because, yes, I do like that show. *Kiss face to the judges* Pretty Walk *Wink Blow Kisses to the Judges* Get Ultimate Grand Supreme title. POW


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