Shamrock Shake

Published March 18, 2012 by shadycatlady

Now I was supposed to blog about Shamrock Shakes as someone suggested on twitter, but I need to need to be honest here. I had full intention of going to get a shamrock shake and explain to you guys in strenuous detail what my taste buds had experienced but I just didnt get one today. I just ran out of time. And since I have never ever had one I cant even go off of what I know. So I naturally googled everything I needed to know about Shamrock Shakes. And I didnt use wikipedia because I usually do but then i came across glee being under the genre of ‘Ass Ass Dick’ somewhere and I was like Wow my evil 6th grade computer lab teacher was right, people do actually just go on here and make shit up. 

So basically on my quest to figure out what exactly a Shamrock Shake is, i learned it is just a minty vanilla shake with green food coloring. Now I can’t say I’m disappointed because that does not sound that bad. I have never had one before because I always assumed they were absolutely disgusting because they were green. I also think that i thought they were actually made from shamrocks, thus producing the green color. It never occurred to me that that was weird and probably violating several health codes. I was a simple child.

It us also taking me twice as long to write this simple blog post because Harry Potter is on TV.

So as i was reading reviews of this blessed shake I guess it taste a lot like a breath mint. and medicine. Which I dont think i would find that enjoyable. Giving medicine to me that is not in a pill form is a lot like giving medicine to a dog.

It aint easy. ESPECIALLY if it is the kind that dissolves. No part of having my medicine disintegrate in my mouth is enjoyable. It also causes me to dry heave or actually vomit . especially anything grape flavored.

DID YOU KNOW *fun fact alert* it probably took me 45 minutes to actually muster up the courage to take liquid medicine because I knew it tasted disgusting.

So I have low hopes for the shamrock shake.

They maybe even lower from when I thought it was made form actual Shamrocks.

I have no idea when they stop selling them but i swear i will get one this week and I will blog my official review of the famous Shamrock shake.

Oh and I also told everyone I came across yesterday that I was half Irish.

Im zero percent Irish.



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