Im awake and I shouldnt be.

Published March 30, 2012 by shadycatlady

Well here I am sitting in my bed, cat curled up on my feet, awake.

Hours before I have to be up.

Like AWAKE awake. Not that incoherent awake some people get where they say things that they dont really understand. Like awake to where I could probably figure out some complex math problem. And im horrible at math.

I was awake earlier but I managed to fall asleep by turning on Harry Potter and the half blood prince and Dumbledores soothing voice allowed to sleep.

But then it was over and I woke up only to have to watch full house.

Right now becky told uncle Jesse that he was having a baby. She told him an hour after he found out he got a record deal and found out he was going to on tour. AND he was excited. Yeah right. If you tell a dirty garage band dude with great hair that you’re having a baby I doubt he would instantly be excited. He would probably make you wear jean shorts and crop band tees and force you to live on a tour bus with a gaggle of dirty dudes drinkin PBR and smokin American Spirits or something.

She also told him by playing pictionary or charades whatever. How full house is that. A rousing game of pictionary with the entire family to tell your husband that youre having a baby.

“Cheese half-ink a baby”

But uncle Jesse also guessed Dancing with Cheeses and cheese halfink a hotdog.

Oh silly uncle Jesse.

They also let Michelle temporarily name it big bird.

I also was having really weird dreams. Like the cops kept showing up at places I was at with my best friend and we just knew they were after us. But we didnt care. and they showed up at work and my boss started running in the dusty desert out the back door and he just kept screaming RUN RUN RUN RUN. so I naturally thought that the nuclear power plant within my work building was going to blow up. But it turns out it was just the police. And it turns out that the police were after us because my friend didnt turn her iPad on when we were flying. But we never flew so she was all upset but I had to tell her just let it go.

Now some people, like can’t sleep ever and this type of thing is normal, like my dad. Who never sleeps.

But I can ALWAYS sleep. I never have a problem with it. It is just a gift. I hate sleeping but once im in bed its game on and the next time I open my eyes it is because my alarm is going off. Do you guys know what it is like to sit up in the middle of the night?

Yeah i found this. and this is exactly what its like.

Except I dont have insomnia. I’m just awake for no reason.

Except Tom Felton just tweeted this picture

So I’m glad I’m awake. because I LOVE Rupert Grint. Love.

I also love Tom.

My Harry Potter obsession never fails to invite itself everywhere. In every situation I can feel myself talking about Harry Potter and relating it to everything.

But right now I turned on Juno. Nothing gets you pumped up in the morning like a witty pregnant teenager!

Last time I woke up in the middle of the night I created this

So I guess I’m grateful that I didnt think super weird things again.

Unless this is super weird and I’m just to tired to notice. Because I’m finally getting tired again.


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