Word Vomit volume number 1

Published March 31, 2012 by shadycatlady

Okay so I have decided to start a new little category and see how it goes.

It is titled ‘Word Vomit’ for when I have the urge to tell you guys a small snippet of my day and dont feel like waiting to gather more information and make a whole blog post.

So these will be short sweet and to the point.

Like when I was TRYING to get on the express way on Friday and some hillbilly would NOT let me over so im all awkwardly on the entrance ramp and almost in a real lane. and obviously he has a PETA bumper sticker on his rusty pick up truck.


It looked a lot like this….

Yeah the PETA bumper sticker actually stood for “People Eat Tasty Animals” THAT much hillbilly.

Also he didnt flip me off but i figured it would help you visualize how mad he was AT ME.

He didnt want to help out his American Brethren out. So you’ll get yours buddy. Oh you’ll get yours.

I also went to go eat lunch with my mother at work and I walk into this scenario

Apparently it was parent teacher conference day so her bosses child was at my work and he was riding on the elliptical, that for some reason has toilet paper on the handle, and stabbing a card board box with a tiny sword. ALL at the same time.

That is a hospital trip waiting to happen.

He also kept saying things like “Heart rate is at 98 yep, perfect

And getting on his moms facebook and informing us of basketball players REAL facebook and how he is going to be friends with Lebron James on facebook or something. I dont know hes crazy.


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