Word Vomit Volume #2. Celebrity apprentice my way.

Published April 9, 2012 by shadycatlady

Last night we watched Celebrity Apprentice. Well I mean we watch it every sunday but last night we watched it a little late and since they decide to make the episodes 7 hours long we got done a little later than I wanted and I went to bed right away afterwards so it was still fresh in my mind while I was laying in bed.

Also side note, I hate Lisa Lampinelli, she was a HUGE BITCH to Lou and I hope she gets fired.

Anyways, I also put Harry potter and the Half Blood prince on to fall asleep to because I love it a lot. And while I was laying down almost asleep my brain conjured up this idea for Celebrity Apprentice.

Now bare with me because I thought this was a GREAT idea while I was half asleep.

They should have a celebrity apprentice where the celebrities have to play their characters. So i was thinking like they could have a Harry Potter Celebrity Apprentice (Merging together the two last things I saw before I fell asleep).

And like Harry would get fired because he was not working on the task and Harry would be all

But sir, I am the chosen one and I was just trying to see what malfoy was up to because he is very involved in the dark arts and Snape made an unbreakable vow to help him with something! I have no evidence but I know it! Ask Dumbledore!

And Malfoy would be all

Haha me and my fatha knew you wouldnt lahst one minute in here, Wait until I my fatha hears about this.

And lavender would be all


Yeah I dont know welcome to my brain.


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