I would usually never talk bad about glee but…….

Published April 12, 2012 by shadycatlady

Glee made me very upset last night.

Yes I watched it very late because even I can be too lazy for television.

But I was expecting some huge hospital scene with Quinn on her deathbed and everyone crying and just a huge dramatic first episode.

That just is not what happened.

They showed Quinn back at school in a wheelchair and had her talking about how she will eventually regain feeling in her legs.


You show a dynamic scene to really show the dangers of texting and driving and you make everything okay?

Nice one.

That is not what happens when you text and drive. When you text and drive and get hit like she did, you just die!

Well I may be being dramatic but it is not all happiness and choreographed wheel chair dances.

Peoples lives get ruined. Some people die, some people never walk again and people lose people they love.

Im just so mad at what they did. They had a chance to really show people how bad texting and driving is right now and they make her say “This is the happiest I’ve ever been”

Yeah that really makes people not want to text and drive.

All they showed was her rolling up the steepest ramp at school, wheeling around and dancing, and planning her senior ditch day.

I’m just upset at what they could have done but didnt. Instead they made Blaine fight with his C-list celebrity brother and Artie tell Quinn that theres a chance she will never walk again. and that is as dramatic as it got.

I also tried my hand at vlogging today. I just ranted about iphones the whole time so if you dont like 3 minute rants, dont watch it

Continue to my vlog HERE CLICK HERE on me and my best friends joint youtube channel. Were rockin.


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