The Anti Mom Suit

Published April 13, 2012 by shadycatlady

I went shopping today. Specifically for a bathing suit. Which is my least favorite shopping to do, because NO bathing suits fit me, except for maybe a selection at the Baby Gap.

Dillards has the best selection of bathing suits. I went into Macys and it was Mom Suits and hideous 2 pieces everywhere. And I really wanted a one piece this year.

Yeah I have no idea why, but its hard to find a one-piece swimsuit that is not super momish. But then I spotted a suuuper cute ralph Lauren swimsuit. And i go pick it up and of course it is a size six, and I am NOT a size six. I am like a size one at most.

But I was already very madly deeply in love with it. So I said forget it. I’m going to make myself fit into this.

this is the swimsuit:

Yeah she looks like your typical suburban soccer mom.

But I put on this size six and it fit! Its like Jesus wanted to make it up to me for screwing me over on my exam this morning where I had to leave two 20 point questions blank and then cry in the school parking lot.

But then I had to buy some accessories to make it even more mom-less, and I have got to say, it was a success! It looks so chic and i love it, so I am here to tell you not to count out mom suits because sometimes Jesus owes you one and makes it really super awesome.

Here are some snap shots I took on my moms camera, on a timer, so if it looks like im sweating and out of breath, its because I am form running from the camera and into a fierce pose all within the time limit.

The swim suit is also black but during editing it kind of turned blue and I was like forget it.

But I got that hat form forever 21 for 12 dollars! I love it

It would look cute with these huge black platforms you cant see because our carpets black because my mom has bland taste (Note the grey walls)

I got my sunglasses from for like 15 bucks !

Also just a close up of the hat, its kinda straw with a cute polka dot scarf bow around it. The bow is also super attatched so it is nottt going anywhere.



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