Published April 15, 2012 by shadycatlady

I constantly have to remind my parents how lucky they got with a child like me. While other kids are out partying and you know being social, I am cooped up in my room being happier than I have been in a long time. Why you ask?


I have received my pottermore invitation by email…FINALLY.

I got it about two hours ago. Yeah I am a fresh newbie. literally.

But I would NOT rest until I got to the sorting hat chapter (Chapter 7).

But before we get to that let me just say, it was worth the wait.

The illustrations, the details everything is perfect and whimsical and has such a magic feel to it. I’ve been lost in Harry’s land for the past two hours, oblivious to anything else. It is nothing less than pure perfection.

Also J.K Rowling releases, (My Computer just learned the word ‘Rowling’), new information about characters and places! It is honestly my dream come true.

I know all about Professor Mcgonagall’s past and how the Dursleys met and give you such a new insight to the characters you didnt have before.

I know I sound like a HUGE nerd right now but I can honestly say I have never loved anything more than Harry Potter. It is honestly my light. I could talk about it for hours without getting bored.

This will become my reality.

Yep, just like inception. Pottermore is my limbo and I am choosing to stay lost in a world that is not real because it makes me happier than anything else.

Now on to the details. besides the graphics and everything the actual game play I guess you could call it is very cool. You get to zoom in and out of places and explore the world to an extent. The dueling is very fun and addictive and it is just SO interactive.

You get to go to stores and buy supplies and pick out your own pet!

I obviously chose a ginger cat because I have a strong love for gingers, and cats. So I figured it could do no wrong.

Like the choosing of the wands. You take a short quiz and the wand literally chooses you. It is so true to the book.

So I took the quiz and I got this….

Spruce with Phoenix feather! And I’m actually very happy with it.


I feel like im slowly losing readers at this point from disinterest, so if you are still with me, thank you for caring, or atleast waiting for something to cool to happen.

Well guess what some cool shit did happen, because shit got real at about 11:30….

I’ve reached chapter 7. I sat here for a minute, JUST a minute, contemplating whether or not I even wanted to go to chapter 7 yet. Was I ready? I had no idea. What I did know is that I was sweating from nervousness and if i didnt make a move fast I would have armpit stains in my good shirt.

So i chose to move on, now or never. What ever house I’m in will be fine I kept telling myself. Even though inside I knew I was a ravenclaw because I am not usually daring or brave. I am very book oriented and yet I was still nervous.

I am very sarcastic and witty, what if my meaness translated over to slytherin? What if my complete blandness and boringness led me right into hufflepuff? But I knew, I had to be.

So I take the quiz, very careful to be 100% honest within it because I knew I would never forgive myself if i put myself in the wrong house. So I answered all the questions that seemed never ending, while at the same time ending to fast.

and I click submit and waited for it to load, when finally…

I, the cat loving weirdo, was placed in Gryffindor!

I was so shocked. I have called myself a Ravenclaw for so long.

But it is time to change allegiance because I am a PROUD Gryffindor!

And if you are still with me I would like to reallly thank you because you obviously like harry potter, and/or me, and when I tried to express this excitement to my family it did not go as planned.

My dad was tipsy off of margaritas to even care and my mom, bless her soul, just really had no idea what I was talking about. She would probably think Gryffindor was a disease, she kept saying what one dont you want to be in, and im like, Slytherin mom. and she said so Gryffindor is good right? I know how can I love Harry Potter so much and my mother has no idea what it is? I have no idea but she promised to read them over the summer.

That is as far as I let myself get tonight and I cant wait to explore the other chapters tomorrow!

I urge everyone to sign up right now!!


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