April 20th.

Published April 20, 2012 by shadycatlady

Today it is April 20th.

Which only means one thing.

It is the two year anniversary of me getting my license.

It was a tragic time for me. My parents didn’t let me drive with my temps, like ever. With good reasoning though. I am a HORRIBLE driver. Granted two years later I’m a lot better, but back then, no. Just no. I’m lucky nobody is dead.

I actually never wanted to get my license. Didn’t sound appealing to me, but after a year of all my friends driving around and stuff I guess my mother got sick of it because she made me take those dumb classes and then signed me up for drive times. Which was like the first time I ever drove basically.

Driving around with an old man for two hours did not sound awesome to me, like at all. Why could she not wait another year until I was 18 and i wouldnt have to do this stuff? I dont know. To probably bug me thats why.

I had the same old guy, Paul, the first 3 out 4 times I had to do this so I was like awesome he’s kind of funny this is not that bad and then a different crabby old dude pulls up on my last one.

Of course

So we go to drive and stuff and get to the part where we practice maneuverability and he’s like “Wait wait wait, what are you doing?!”

And im like, Chill out im driving around cones and stuff

and then he’s like, “well why are you looking in that mirror you’re supposed to be looking in the other mirror when you do this.”

But the other guy taught me to do it this way, I only know how to do it this way

And then he says…. “Well it’s to late to change it now so go ahead”

Perfect. Just what I want to here before I take my drivers test.

So then I passed all that stuff, magically. and I signed up to take my test in BG because I feel like my 1 year old cousin could pass a driving test there because it is so easy. But really I knew I was going to fail. Everyone fails the first time. My best friend failed the first time, I feel like failing was my destiny.

So I show up to the testing place full of evil mean people looking like a pile of garbage because if I’m not going to get my picture taken who cares? Not I.

So the guy calls my name to take a test and he’s obviously foreign. And I just cant really understand what he’s saying, but I’m like okay lets get this over with.

We go through maneuverability which I did good in because it did not involve concentrating on not hitting other people.

Then we get to the road part. Nope, not for me. I don’t like driving when there is other people on the road. If it was not for them I would do GREAT.

So it is all going good till around the end. The guy said “Okay get into the right lane”

So obviously I get into the LEFT lane.

and hes like the RIGHT lane

and Im like, oh my god and then I just get into the right lane without looking and it is just mass chaos right there.

So I knew failed right at that moment. Not a doubt in my mind. and we pull up to the DMV nobody talks, we just get out of the car, walk up to the building, still in silence, and we get inside and he hands me some papers and is like Okay you can get your license over there. or at least I think that is what he said, I couldnt understand him.

I could NOT believe it. My dad didnt even think I passed.

So then I realized I would have the ugliest license picture ever for a very long time because it is easier to obtain unicorn blood than get your license picture changed. And then I was sad.

So in honor of my horrific yet great day, I will share with you all………My license picture.

Laugh at it, Love it, I dont care. You’re all lucky I love you.

So since having my license I have popped TWO tires because me and curbs are arch enemies and I am not able to make right turns. Never could, never will.

I have hit ONE animal, a bird, and I cried for 10 minutes because I was now a classified murderer.

And obviously has had ton of adventures that involve running out of gas on the expressway, running out of gas in the kroger parking lot, and COUNTLESS sing alongs.

Click here for a youtube video of my awesome driving slash sing alongs!!

I also Vlogged yesterday.

Yay videos! Where I used super strong glue to glue shit and sang some songs and was basically glue buzzin. It was so awesome.

You can catch that here ———> CLICK HERE FOR VLOGGING FUN

I promise it’s awesome.

If you want to know what i was glueing. I made this fabulous phone case for your iphone 4/4s

But this picture always uploads sideways because of some weird sorcery. but you get it.

You can click here to buy it if you want. 



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