Published April 25, 2012 by shadycatlady

Pissed off.


There I said it, twice actually.

Seen The Lucky One last night…….

Don’t waste your money. It is honestly a horrible movie. Yeah sure a couple parts are funny but I could feel myself not connected to the characters at all. They all could have died and I don’t think it would have even mattered to me.

The only thing that could have made it better…

A shirtless Zac Efron.

Did it happen? NO

okay it happened like twice, but he making out so all I saw was a couple of back dimples and half a man boob.

It was most disappointing.

So don’t waste your money at all.


So I had to make this. Scumbag Zaquisha Efron.

Also someone hit my car today.

Now not like BOOM dent. but like, let me back out but I’ll let my car scrape along the side of your fine automobile the whole time and then I’ll just leave and not leave a note or name or anything. Good Luck!

*Fart noise*

If I ever find you I will make you clean my car with your tongue, which will be gross because I never wash my car. And then I’ll make you pay for a real premium car wash because you will probably leave streak marks.

So now I’ll have to get it estimated and see how much it will cost to fix all of this because I can’t stand it being there. ITS A NEW CAR. pfffffft right. This bitch is getting FIXED. Or I’ll have to pay 500 dollars to my insurance people to get it fixed.

AWFUL. just awful.

How do you not know your ripping off all of my cars paint?!? uggggggh. You’ll get yours, don’t you worry.

Does my car scream, hit me and then not leave any information because im EEEVIL?

because this is how I see my car…

Is this how other people see my car….?

Probably. There is no other explanation for this type of behavior.

I’m livid. The last thing I want to hear when my mom walks in is “Did you know someone hit your car”


No i did not. Enlighten me. So she did and it looks awful. I’m weeping, but only on the inside. I don’t have tear ducts. Well literally I do, but I dont use them a lot.

The only thing that made today better was the fact that it was hotdog night for dinner. I ate my feelings in hotdogs. Which the new measurement for sadness.

How sad are you?

Im about two hotdogs sad.


I also vlogged before all of this went down

I feature my little mexican burrito cat eating a ton of her favorite food while being absolutely HORRIBLE.

honestly, she is the worst cat ever.

but shes so cute, so its okay.

TO SEE HER IN ACTION CLICK HERE!!!! seriously. click these words. 


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