Mini Vacation

Published May 1, 2012 by shadycatlady

Yeah, I’ve been M.I.A for like a week or whatever.

But really my life has been boring and I’ve been busy doing what I do best, failing exams.

But I did get a chance to sneak in a mini vacation

I went up to my family’s cottage on saturday and sunday last weekend.

and it was magical.

I love nothing more than doing nothing. Plus I have not had a Saturday off since St. Patricks Day so I was due for a saturday off. Even if it was the one saturday every 3 months where we have to stay all late and hand count every single item in the store. I needed it.

So I wake up saturday morning and decide on whim to get a spray tan. and I looked FABULOUSLY tan. Like Jersey Shore tan without looking cheap and trashy and I was most certainly not wearing affliction or Ed Hardy.

I was wearing my capris with cats on them.

So we drive an hour and a half stuffed in my moms SUV while we all listen to my cousin name every breed of bird on the way.

I could probably get my PHD in birdology after that weekend.

Yes I am aware that that is probably not the term but i dont care enough to look it up.

So me and my best friend spent the weekend watching harry potter and drinking hott butterbeer. Which is just butter and brown sugar melted and then poured into boiling cream soda with a couple splashes of butter scotch schnapps.

I know, real specific. I think it was something like 4 tbs of brown sugar and maybe like 2-3 tbs of butter, then a 2 liter of cream soda.

mmmm delicious. You wouldve seen this if you followed me on instagram Mini_Lutman

oh and you can pour some plain cream in the cup before your dump your hot delicious beverage in there.

quite delicious. Plus it doesnt get you white girl wasted, which is ideal when you are watching your favorite movie series ever in the whole world.

But if you like getting white girl wasted I’m sure you could adjust it accordingly.

We also had a little photoshoot in water that was so cold I’m sure it was frozen.

Arent spray tans awesome!?

and then we drove around and shopped and ate and stuff it was pure bliss. Cottages are like little separate worlds where times slows down you drink cocktails and get tired at 7 p.m

I can’t wait to go back.

But starting tomorrow after 10:30 a.m I am on summer vacation.

Let’s get weird.


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