The Bad Girls Club

Published May 7, 2012 by shadycatlady

I would like to personally thank the brown leather super tan mom. Because of her obsession with tanning everyone was googling ‘Tanorexia’ and ended up on my blog.

because I once briefly discussed tanorexia here on this post 

I kid you not, EVERYONE, my blog got over 1,400 views in one day.

Which is a shit ton for me.

So I’ve been slacking on blogging since I’ve been getting over like 500 views daily but I’m back bizitches. I’ve also been slacking because I’ve been vlogging lately. So if I’ve been M.I.A on here for a couple days mosey on over to my vlog channelll ——> MiniLutman Youtube holla!

Which I vlogged on today and dressed up like Drew Carey. It was not a pleasant sight. Theres also some about facebook and spray tans because I have no life.

I have no idea what to do with myself now that school is over and my work hired someone else to snatch up me and the other girl’s hours. Im home….alll….the….time.

I’ve spent today watch The Bad Girls Club with my cat.

And im just like, What the hell……..

All they do is touch each other stuffs and break it and then fight each other.

OH and then they get all mad and are like “You all are bitches and I cant trust anyone”

BITCH you are on THE BAD GIRLS CLUB. You can not possibly complain that the girls are mean to you. those girls got picked to be on the show because they are mean.

Watching it really makes my blood boil. like I just wanna go on that show and fight them all. and then i remember that it is pre-taped and that I cant fight, like at all, so I just settle down.

But really, they got a new girl like in the middle of the season, they dont even know her and theyre like, lets just jump her and get her to leave we dont want her here.


and they threw all her stuff and her mattress in the pool. shit, i would have left immediately.

After I cried and begged for mercy.

But for real, where do they find bitches like these. All they do is drink, break shit in their house and fight each other.

And its not even like they dont want to fight and it just happens, they WANT to fight each other, they make each other fight each other.

I’m going to be doing this all day………….

Please help me.

I can feel myself getting dumber and more ghetto and Im probably going to drink all my moms liquor and break all our fine home furnishings.


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