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writers block

Published June 25, 2012 by shadycatlady

I have, officially, writers block.

I know, I run a blog where I basically write about whatever I want because it is so easy going over in these neck of the woods so to say I have writers block would be an insult to real writers everywhere.

But its real, my moms all, madison you really need to write something.

And im like OH MY GOD MOM LEAVE ME ALONE *slams door and organizes my scrunchies*

okay I lied, I have no scrunchies, but she has been bugging me, and honestly I want to write shit but I honestly have nothing to talk about, so I am taking the easy way out for a while and doing the 30 day Harry Potter challenge.

Yeah basically I found this on the internet where They ask 30 harry potter related questions and I answer them here and you can learn oh so much about me and blah blah blah, I just like to talk about harry potter.

So ill place this under word vomit, and ill occasionally make real blog posts, maybe.

So this will MOST DEFINITELY have spoilers so if you dont want to know get the hell out.

Day 1: What is your favorite book in the series?

Easy. The prisoner of Azkaban.

I really am not sure what compels me to this book so much but I think it has to do with Sirius mostly.

I love that Harry found not 1, but 2 (Remus Lupin) father typer figures after assuming he had none.

Harry potter is the only thing that makes me all sappy so when harry finds out the truth about Sirius and then saves him, it makes me want to go around and kiss babies on the head, like the president of America.

Also Hermione punches Malfoy in the face, even though I like Malfoy (the feelings start in book 6), it is still one of the best moments.

Also I like that Dumbledore predicted wormtails wavering ways.

He basically tells harry, it sucks that you saved him now, but one day peter will owe you big time and youll be grateful then .

Also they save buckbeak AND Sirius all because Dumbledore is a genius and Hermione gets to go back in time.

I could go on for hours about this book……

I actually have a quote form this one on my wall.

But I’m using my laptop on the darkest screen setting because i have 7% left and I DO NOT want to get my charger. So I have to cut this up short.

Plus hip-hop squares is on. YAY………….

Its like Hollywood squares but with drunk, slurred, ebonics as the main language.





Published June 6, 2012 by shadycatlady

Im sick.

and not like Karen Smith from mean girls sick, who is only sick because she didnt want to hang out with Regina.

Like I’m sure my throat is moments away from jumping out of my mouth because it hurts so bad.

and these halls dont do anything because theyre the ugly red ones.

Flavor has everything to do with it.

So naturally since I’m sick I work 11 hours today. Which I do not see happening.

If I stay for 11 hours they will be burying me in the back at nine oclock.

I’m not dramatic at all.

I also forgot to bring anything to drink and anything to eat. I feel like I’m on survivor. This is great training for when I am actually ON survivor.

I’ve been telling everyone at work that I have malaria. I bet if I Web MD my symptoms that would actually be a diagnosis option.

Also since my throat hurts I sound way sicker than i actually am. Which would be pretty awesome if it didnt feel like I was drinking gasoline that was fire and also had glass shards mixed in.

I am going to send myself get well soon flowers because when Im sick the world stops turning and everyone must pay attention to me and feel sorry for me because, being that I am a naturally mean person, I never get the sympathy vote.

So I milk this for as long as possible. My dad says I need to grow up and learn to just be sick without going to the doctor or the hospital. Which doesnt make sense because Web MD is not a reliable source and I need prescription medicine because that truly heals all. Im sure on my files it says “Just prescribe sugar pills, she is crazy”.

My mom promised to bring me a little care package to get me through the rest of the day because she says I cant leave because I need money. whatever that means. Also because I am a HUGE  baby.

This better be a really good care package because I could be sitting at home jingling a bell and having my cat serve me soup and herbal teas while I watch TV and try to not go to the light.

Wish me luck through the rest of the day. And lets all hope my mom actually remembers to bring me some stuff because she does this thing where she forgets about me a lot.

Yeah, today should be great.