Me, Me, Me, read about me!

My names Madison and i reside in the always exciting region of north-west ohio in the good ‘ol U.S of A.

I just started college and I also just started to realize that maybe these things that happen to me, on a daily basis, are not the most normal of things.

And maybe the things i think are not normal also, and maybe my cat is the devil but looks like Salem from Sabrina the teenaged witch.

I do not use proper sentences or spell things right or anything, but I find the content of my insane life very entertaining and i hope you will too

So read on, and i hope you have as much fun reading it as i had experiencing it.

I take that back because i mostly dont enjoy any of these things that happen to me…..

read at your own risk.

ALSO if you want to be stalkerish, don’t deny it we ALL are…

twitter: @chattymadee

Instagram: Mini_Lutman



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