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writers block

Published June 25, 2012 by shadycatlady

I have, officially, writers block.

I know, I run a blog where I basically write about whatever I want because it is so easy going over in these neck of the woods so to say I have writers block would be an insult to real writers everywhere.

But its real, my moms all, madison you really need to write something.

And im like OH MY GOD MOM LEAVE ME ALONE *slams door and organizes my scrunchies*

okay I lied, I have no scrunchies, but she has been bugging me, and honestly I want to write shit but I honestly have nothing to talk about, so I am taking the easy way out for a while and doing the 30 day Harry Potter challenge.

Yeah basically I found this on the internet where They ask 30 harry potter related questions and I answer them here and you can learn oh so much about me and blah blah blah, I just like to talk about harry potter.

So ill place this under word vomit, and ill occasionally make real blog posts, maybe.

So this will MOST DEFINITELY have spoilers so if you dont want to know get the hell out.

Day 1: What is your favorite book in the series?

Easy. The prisoner of Azkaban.

I really am not sure what compels me to this book so much but I think it has to do with Sirius mostly.

I love that Harry found not 1, but 2 (Remus Lupin) father typer figures after assuming he had none.

Harry potter is the only thing that makes me all sappy so when harry finds out the truth about Sirius and then saves him, it makes me want to go around and kiss babies on the head, like the president of America.

Also Hermione punches Malfoy in the face, even though I like Malfoy (the feelings start in book 6), it is still one of the best moments.

Also I like that Dumbledore predicted wormtails wavering ways.

He basically tells harry, it sucks that you saved him now, but one day peter will owe you big time and youll be grateful then .

Also they save buckbeak AND Sirius all because Dumbledore is a genius and Hermione gets to go back in time.

I could go on for hours about this book……

I actually have a quote form this one on my wall.

But I’m using my laptop on the darkest screen setting because i have 7% left and I DO NOT want to get my charger. So I have to cut this up short.

Plus hip-hop squares is on. YAY………….

Its like Hollywood squares but with drunk, slurred, ebonics as the main language.




Word Vomit: Holy Boobies!!!!

Published May 2, 2012 by shadycatlady

Now unless you are a dugger, amish, viral video hater you would know that little miss Kate Upton did a jiggly dance in something I think an exotic dancer would wear. It most certainly is not a bikini. I am including the link in here so incase you didn’t see it, you can watch it and not be out of the loop.

and if you DID happen to see it, I’m sure you will watch it again.


WATCH KATE UPTON CAT DADDY HERE! click me click me click me

also maybe if your a minor you shouldnt watch this, because well, for many reasons. ask your mom

you might even need to sign in to youtube to watch it. Thats how promiscuous Kate Upton got.

and on that note I think my greasey pizza for one just got here………..

Word Vomit Vol. 3. Studying

Published April 22, 2012 by shadycatlady

Now, it is a known fact i do not test well. I’m practically a genius, but when it comes to tests im dumber than a box of rocks. And currently I am on the verge of COMPLETELY failing my government class.

Yeah like the whole class. Because all my teacher does is talk and I can’t decipher what is notes and what is not and the only two grades so far are 2 tests because he doesnt take attendance or give homework. It like he knows how I work.

So yeah I basically need a 115% on this final next Monday or else my ass is grass.

Whatever that means.

And then, as if Jesus heard my prayers, I found an excellent study tool.

‘True American’ the drinking game.

As seen on “New Girl” with Zooey Deschanel, so you know its going to be good.

See how it all shakes out here

So basically as I interpreted it, this is how it goes.

You set up a course with a TON of beer in the middle and the your choice of liquor (The Queen)

Put the queen in the middle of the beers

THE FLOOR IS LAVA. touch it you automatically lose.

work in a counter clockwise rotation

So you all stand on chairs and if you get a history question right you get to navigate to the center to retrieve a beer and then navigate back to your spot and drink the beer. but make sure to grab beers in a circle rotation to leave the path to the queen blocked until half the beers are gone. or something.

and then when everyone has gone (End of a round) everyone has to work their way to the center and take a beer and then shotgun it. I think.

then it goes on until you reach the queen. and then you win.

Unless someone touches the floor then they lose automatically.

and then when someone holds up a 1 during the game they get to advance a space.

Yeah it’s pretty straight forward as far as I see it.

So this is how I am studying. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Who’s in?

Word Vomit Volume #2. Celebrity apprentice my way.

Published April 9, 2012 by shadycatlady

Last night we watched Celebrity Apprentice. Well I mean we watch it every sunday but last night we watched it a little late and since they decide to make the episodes 7 hours long we got done a little later than I wanted and I went to bed right away afterwards so it was still fresh in my mind while I was laying in bed.

Also side note, I hate Lisa Lampinelli, she was a HUGE BITCH to Lou and I hope she gets fired.

Anyways, I also put Harry potter and the Half Blood prince on to fall asleep to because I love it a lot. And while I was laying down almost asleep my brain conjured up this idea for Celebrity Apprentice.

Now bare with me because I thought this was a GREAT idea while I was half asleep.

They should have a celebrity apprentice where the celebrities have to play their characters. So i was thinking like they could have a Harry Potter Celebrity Apprentice (Merging together the two last things I saw before I fell asleep).

And like Harry would get fired because he was not working on the task and Harry would be all

But sir, I am the chosen one and I was just trying to see what malfoy was up to because he is very involved in the dark arts and Snape made an unbreakable vow to help him with something! I have no evidence but I know it! Ask Dumbledore!

And Malfoy would be all

Haha me and my fatha knew you wouldnt lahst one minute in here, Wait until I my fatha hears about this.

And lavender would be all


Yeah I dont know welcome to my brain.

Word Vomit volume number 1

Published March 31, 2012 by shadycatlady

Okay so I have decided to start a new little category and see how it goes.

It is titled ‘Word Vomit’ for when I have the urge to tell you guys a small snippet of my day and dont feel like waiting to gather more information and make a whole blog post.

So these will be short sweet and to the point.

Like when I was TRYING to get on the express way on Friday and some hillbilly would NOT let me over so im all awkwardly on the entrance ramp and almost in a real lane. and obviously he has a PETA bumper sticker on his rusty pick up truck.


It looked a lot like this….

Yeah the PETA bumper sticker actually stood for “People Eat Tasty Animals” THAT much hillbilly.

Also he didnt flip me off but i figured it would help you visualize how mad he was AT ME.

He didnt want to help out his American Brethren out. So you’ll get yours buddy. Oh you’ll get yours.

I also went to go eat lunch with my mother at work and I walk into this scenario

Apparently it was parent teacher conference day so her bosses child was at my work and he was riding on the elliptical, that for some reason has toilet paper on the handle, and stabbing a card board box with a tiny sword. ALL at the same time.

That is a hospital trip waiting to happen.

He also kept saying things like “Heart rate is at 98 yep, perfect

And getting on his moms facebook and informing us of basketball players REAL facebook and how he is going to be friends with Lebron James on facebook or something. I dont know hes crazy.